CMUH transforms legacy cardiovascular environment with state-of-the-art image management and display solution

Taichung, TW - 2020

Barco solutions enhance operation efficiency through simple and effective image routing and visualisation.

Barco solutions:

  • MDSC-8358
  • MDSC-8231
  • MUIP-2112


Established in 1980, China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) on average attends to more than 190,000 outpatients, 15,000 emergency patients and 7,300 hospitalized patients with 4,800 patients receiving surgeries every month. 


With a focus on maximizing efficiency and effectiveness of operations in its cardiac catheter lab, CMUH needed an advanced and stable interventional image management and display solution. CMUH’s Cath Lab was using multiple displays in the exam and control rooms. As the system aged, the care team struggled with operational details, owing to restricted screen resolution and size, color and brightness calibration issues, image inconsistency across different screens, and degrading image quality. Cardiologists were unable to draw in-depth perception and the multiple displays led to a cluttered workplace. Display maintenance also took an extensive amount of space and time.


Barco’s Nexxis IVR solution met their quality requirements and was installed at the end of June 2020. Its large display system enabled a neater and more simplified operation environment for the care team. The simplified interventional workflow, in turn, improved the efficiency of the operating suite. The MDSC-8358 replaced 6 individual displays with 1 in the exam room, while the MDSC-8231 replaced 4 individual displays with 1 in the control room of the Cath lab.

Choosing Barco as their trusted solution partner, the Cath lab was able to derive accurate color images with ultra-low latency and reduced noise, making real-time critical imaging more specific. Surgical displays MDSC-8358 and MDSC-8231 introduced intuitive user interfaces with dynamic and flexible layouts. Seamless views from multiple sources in the exam room enabled medical practitioners to drive more effective operational outcomes.

Furthermore, the Barco Nexxis IVR solution reduces clutter with a single integrated display screen, simplified configuration, and remote troubleshooting. The solution is powered by flexible and scalable technical infrastructure that is future-proof and can be updated by using network technology and open standards.


With Barco’s quality imaging solutions by their side, CMUH was able to reach its operational objective with ease while enhancing performance in the cardiovascular suite. Seamless alignment of color and clarity is not a challenge anymore for the hospital. This unique technology platform has enabled CMUH to amplify its medical services and empower their team with premium visual solutions.

Barco’s NEXXIS helped us improve work efficiency in operations & made overall cardiovascular suite management a lot easier.

Kuan-Cheng Chang, M.D., Ph.D, Vice President

Director of Cardiovascular Medicine, CMUH

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