Dutch breast cancer research program

Nijmegen, NL - 2020

Screening program runs Europe’s largest fleet of Barco Coronis Unitis.


  • Higher luminance, contrast and resolution
  • Enhanced clinical outcomes
  • DICOM calibration, automatic quality assurance, asset management and reporting


In the detection and treatment of breast cancer, image quality is vital. Accurate images allow issues to be detected sooner and the diagnosis to be more precise. As early diagnosis is vital in successful treatment, national screening programs such as those run by the Facilitaire Samenwerking Borstkankeronderzoek (FSB) in the Netherlands, are looking for better quality displays. Barco’s solution enabled them to go even further. 


When the team from the Dutch breast-screening program came to Barco, they were focused on detection during the radiology screening phase. This enables early diagnosis and treatment, so increasing the chances of a positive outcome for the patient. But they also wanted to limit the emotional stress on the patient that can come from a false positive finding. 


To satisfy this double goal, the Dutch research body opted to install 45 Coronis Uniti 12MPs in the radiology reading rooms and 96 Coronis Fusion 6MP displays for acquisition stations, including some in mobile units. 

The reason for this is that these displays are outstanding when it comes to image quality and clinical outcome: 


The FSB had specifically referred to workflow tools in their requirement specifications. Barco’s Workflow tools SmartCursor, Conference CloneView and SoftGlow make viewing and sharing the results far easier. This means the FSB’s workflow becomes smoother, and team members get a better view. 

With the Coronis Uniti 12MP displays, our radiologists can view 4 screening rounds side by side to better track changes in the breast tissue.

Paul Hoogland

National Program Manager, Facilitaire Samenwerking Borstkankeronderzoek.

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