Royal Wolverhampton Hospital NHS Trust takes the step to home reading for radiologists

Wolverhampton, GB - 2020

Barco displays enable radiologists to work efficiently from home during COVID-19 crisis.


  • Color fusion display for flexible multimodality imaging
  • Automated QA and calibration
  • Compact size
  • Toolset to spark productivity


The Covid-19 crisis put an unprecedented level of pressure on health services worldwide. Hospitals in particular had to react fast to cope with a sudden rise in patients and the need to protect both other patients and the front-line staff that have proved invaluable in coping with the pandemic. This has forced a rethink on how best hospitals and doctors can continue working.

The radiology department at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust finds itself well positioned for such working practices, as some radiologists were already working from home with laptops and workstations. PACS Manager Mr Jag Dhamret said “most of our radiologists have a laptop attached to a Clinical Review Monitor, but we needed to accelerate the full diagnostic solution for our radiologists due to the on-going health crisis”.


The hospital looked at the main components that make up a diagnostic reporting workstation. With trusted suppliers, including Barco, they determined a solution that met their PACS specification requirements. Following discussions with senior radiologists, they opted for a compact, lightweight workstation to facilitate offsite repairs if necessary.


Barco’s Sarah Suraiyya recommended the accompanying Coronis Fusion 6MP diagnostic display, in line with the smaller footprint theme and with the extra benefit of a lower power consumption. The Coronis Fusion received an A-rate Ecoscore for its energy efficiency. It provides enhanced ergonomics for more relaxed viewing and QAWeb calibration ensures optimal performance with a minimum of manual intervention. Furthermore, the displays are backed by Barco’s comprehensive service guarantee.


Radiology Clinical Director Dr Balaji Rangarajan said “It has not been an easy task and a lot of effort has gone in from numerous people to actually see our vision of making home reporting a reality. Radiology and IT have worked extraordinarily well together and despite the timing with Covid, things have happened at a very good pace. Jag deserves a special mention, as he has persisted and helped relentlessly from the time I wanted to see home reporting achieved in our department.”

We needed to accelerate the full diagnostic solution for our radiologists due to the on-going health crisis.

Jag Dhamret, PACS manager

NHS Trust

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