Barco projections light up ‘Well-being together’ campaign in Shanghai

Shanghai, CN - 2023

Located on the north side of the Garden Bridge, is one of the 14 modern historical and cultural heritage buildings on the Bund. As the tallest skyscraper in old Shanghai, this old building was once the best viewing platform overlooking both sides of the Pujiang River. It has not only witnessed the historical changes of Shanghai Bund but has also been revived with its original appearance and modern aesthetics.

Key benefits

  • Provide 360° installation, adapt to various installation sites
  • Outstanding color expression, realistically restore the details of the image
  • Long-term operation to ensure image output and achieve high-quality projection effect
  • Barco team has professional installation services

On October 10, 2022, on the annual "World Mental Health Day", the Shanghai Broadway Mansion was turned into a giant curtain to kick off the "Well-being together" campaign launched by lululemon, a world well-known sportswear brand from Canada. The event invited four ambassadors, actress Celina Jade, athlete Zhang Changning, runner Mao Daqing, and singer James Lee, to use Shanghai Broadway Mansion as a vibrant stage to share their tips for well-being with the audience.

Barco projectors used the art of lifelike projection mapping to make the brilliantly crafted event's sessions resonate with high-quality images, radiating enthusiasm and igniting sports vitality for the wider audience presented.


Based on the characteristic style of the Shanghai Broadway Mansion, the WB international creative team chose this place as the projection carrier and carried out rich content creativity to create a stunning light projection mapping.

Standing tall on the banks of the Suzhou River, the Shanghai Broadway Mansion has a vast expanse of water that ensures an excellent view on the one hand but also presents the dual challenges of tricky installation angles and long-distance viewing requirements.

To present hand-painted animation perfectly to the audience on the three-dimensional wall with a unique architectural style, the projection equipment needs to accurately cover the projection area and provide high color restoration.

In addition, because the projectors are installed in an outdoor place near the Suzhou River, due to the wet environment, the projection equipment should have the stability of long-term operation.


For the presentation of the images of this project, 24 Barco UDX-W40 projectors were used to give full play to the advantages of stable high-brightness output and wide color gamut, allowing the projection images to blend in with the appearance of the Shanghai Broadway Mansion and be perfectly presented to the audience.

While ensuring high brightness, the Barco UDX series projectors achieve a color gamut standard superior to Rec.709 and accurately restore the colorful images of each frame of hand-drawn animation. The existing TLD+ series lenses can shift up to 130% of the upper and lower lens range without affecting image quality, providing top-notch assistance in displaying the integral image.

In addition, Barco's UDX-W40 laser projectors have a compact design. Among projectors of the same brightness level, it is smaller and has the technical feature of 360° installation that defies the challenges of harsh installation environments.


Barco's unique projection art has turned the classic "mountain" shape of Shanghai Broadway Mansion into a brilliant projection mapping stage, stirring up a wave of sports. Facing the difficult challenges of the complex building structure and outdoor operation, the project team conducted a full inspection and deconstruction of the building and used 24 sets of Barco's UDX-W40 to turn the building with a special structure into a gorgeous curtain, creating a touching and passionate projection show and injecting new vitality into the Shanghai city.

Barco projectors help us achieve greater visual impact through the excellent performance of its products.

Alex Pally

Co-founder of WB international creative team

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