Statue of Belief – Nathdwara, Miraj Group makes projection mapping a reality using Barco solutions

India - 2023

Miraj Group operates across industry verticals and caters to millions of customers in India. One of its most notable endeavours is the Vishwas Swaroopam project, which features the Statue of Belief - the fifth-tallest statue in the world at a towering height of 369ft. This expansive project covers a sprawling 16-acre area and includes an interior exhibition hall and public viewing galleries. Visitors can also enjoy a range of amenities surrounding the statue, including three herbal gardens, a water body, musical fountains, landscaped gardens, an Amphitheatre, a food court, handicraft shops, and a children's amusement park.

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  • High brightness and 4K resolution
  • Best white point & color gamuts 
  • Availability of longest throw lens
  • Prompt onsite support 
  • Additional site spares to ensure minimum downtime

The highlight of the project is the projection mapping show, which requires meticulous mapping and handling of 24 channels of high-resolution 4K content. The expansive and varied contours of the statue presented various challenges, from multiple shadow areas with a folded leg to the bronze color of the statue. Furthermore, the lens too needed to be placed at a great distance of approximately 250 meters. To make this first-of-its-kind installation a success, the client and their partners collaborated with Barco for better color and contrast, brightness, after-sales support, an offer of on-site spares, and an overall price point. Their previous positive work experience with Barco was also a deciding factor.


Bringing the client’s idea to life

To meet the expansive requirements of the Vishwas Swaroopam project, Barco supplied high-end projectors for both outdoor projection mapping & indoor museum projection to create an immersive experience for the audience.

We worked with, Axis Three Dee Studios Pvt. Ltd. for the execution and production of visually stunning content for the project. Their dedicated expertise played a pivotal role in making the project a roaring success.

The technical aspect of the project was spearheaded by experts from Dataton. They were instrumental in shaping the show through their seamless and meticulous mapping and handling of 24 channels of high-resolution 4K content. “Dataton WATCHOUT is the go-to in India for this kind of impressive projection mapping where reliability and pixel accuracy are of the utmost importance. We were delighted to cooperate once again with our friends at Axis Three Dee Studios and the Barco team in bringing the Statue of Belief to life with projection mapping,” observes Ashok Sharma, APAC regional sales manager, Dataton.

On the façade, the project utilizes 24 Barco UDX-4K40 projectors with a brightness of 40,000 lumens each. These projectors were set up on two temperature and humidity-controlled towers located on either side of the park, projecting at an angle on the statue. Eleven projectors are installed on each tower and two additional projectors are installed inside the folded leg of the statue to illuminate the hidden belly and prominent shadow area.

With the robust and reliable UDX projectors, the client got best-in-class long throw lenses with up to 11:1 throw ratio that allowed the projectors to be placed at the extreme end of the park. This range offers the best white point and contrast and a brightness uniformity of 95% ensuring appropriate brightness distribution on the entire canvas. In addition, the compact projector size made it easy to fit the models  in the folded leg area and illuminate it. To top it all, Barco PulseSingle Step Processing (SSP) allows for sharper images and less latency for 4K signals.


Pledging to deliver the best in projection mapping

The consistent delivery of exceptional solutions has been a hallmark of Barco's performance, also demonstrated through this project. Powered by Barco projectors, the Statue of Belief receives an average footfall of 3500+ visitors per day and about 4500+ visitors on weekends.

Sanjay Singh, Group CEO at Miraj, says the following words about the results: “STATUE OF BELIEF - The way I know about it…this is not just another statue, neither is this created for any symbolic representation. It’s yet another proof of what faith and belief can achieve, it is so impactful that it would force you to ask yourself – Why??? and you would realize Mr. Madan Paliwal’s conviction to convince us in the word “BELIEF” …I am thankful, in the quest of searching the best, we chose Barco as a medium to convey the rest of the story.” 

While the outdoor projection is live, work on the indoor museum is in progress. There is a provision to install 65 x 11,000 lumens projectors in the museum zone inside the Shiva statue.

These projectors offer infinite possibilities in their color gamut. We honed in on the UDX for their ability to deliver crisp colors, which could exactly replicate our customized palette onto the surface. They have performed just as expected: absolutely brilliant!

Avijit Samajdar

CEO of Axis Three Dee Studios

We are very proud to have been involved in such a prestigious installation.

Ashok Sharma

APAC regional sales manager, Dataton

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