Barco enhances broadcasting experience for TJB News Studio with video wall solution and unique sensor technology

Daejeon, KR - 2020

Barco solutions:

  • OverView OVL-708 (4x2 & 6x2) LED-lit video walls
  • S3-4K image processor
  • EC-50 event controller

Key benefits:

  • Brightness and color stability across the entire display
  • High level of redundancy for the LEDs' power supplies and inputs
  • Enhanced processing performance and high image quality through S3 image processor

Taejon Broadcasting Co. LTD., or TJB, is a regional television and radio broadcasting company based in Daejeon. TJB was looking to improve their broadcasting with visualization solutions that delivered superior image quality and ease of operations. They wanted to renovate their news studio with next-gen visualization and were looking for a comprehensive solution that encompassed product safety, reliability, cost-effectiveness, ease of control and backup solution.

With Barco’s OverView OVL video wall, supported by S3-4K image processor and EC-50 event controller, TJB was able to overhaul the entire broadcasting experience. And the Sense6, unique sensor technology gave TJB’s broadcasting room the sought after visualization stability.

News backdrops play a vital role when it comes to broadcasting, because the perception of professionality and credibility of the news is influenced largely by the quality of the images. Apart from the image quality of the backdrop, other criterions like reliability, color calibration and stability (automatic adjustment when studio lighting changes) are equally critical for success.

Excellent image quality, flexibility, and reliability for broadcasting backdrops

TJB’s specific requisites while planning the upgrade were perfectly met with Barco solutions. Opting for OverView OVL-708 they are able to display the sharpest and most saturated colors with an ergonomically brilliant visual experience.

Apart from enhancing the image quality, Barco visualization technology also ensures product safety and reliability with validated solutions. The Sense6 technology in the OverView delivers brightness and color stability across the entire display and adjusts the color space, providing convenient visuals, without the need for maintenance or manual adjustments.

Owing to the competitive pricing of the products, the broadcasting company was able to compare between individual purchase and full system purchase. They had an overview of the Total Cost of Ownership along with a backup solution with intuitive operating system with S3 processor. TJB availed high level of redundancy for the LEDs' power supplies and even inputs, which ensured that nothing could go wrong, giving the news team a complete peace of mind.

Barco was able to resolve the customer pain points and issues while identifying specific needs relative to the value proposition. By analyzing the customer requirements and reviewing the buying behavior, Barco delivered customized solutions, offering workable results that met the problem statement – while optimizing the entire broadcasting process.

Barco enhances the broadcasting experience for TJB News Studio with video wall solutions and unique sensor technology.

SeungEi Hong

Chief Engineer, TJB

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