OPEX Group bringing data to life with Barco UniSee

Aberdeen, GB - 2020

Barco UniSee video wall enables leading data science & analytics provider to collaborate in a new way with the world’s largest oil & gas companies.

Barco solution:

  • 4 x 2 Barco UniSee LCD video wall with U-Touch overlay


OPEX Group, one of the UK’s leading providers of data science and predictive analytics to the oil & gas sector, has installed a state-of-the-art Barco UniSee video wall as the centerpiece of its new head office in Aberdeen.The company, which has grown rapidly over the past four years, is now one of the oil & gas industry’s leading data analytics providers. Data analytics is one of the fastest-growing sub-segments in oil & gas, as companies in this industry are becoming increasingly aware of the significant productivity improvements and cost efficiencies that can be achieved by embracing the possibilities of digital transformation.


Focus on visualization

Barco’s flagship UniSee LCD video wall was installed at the heart of OPEX’s new office by AV One, who fitted all of the technology solutions in the building. The Barco UniSee video wall, which is touchscreen enabled, is now used as the focal point for everything from executive customer presentation and collaborative workshops to training programmes and internal communications – always with a focus on visualization.


Bringing information to life

Sarah Christie, CFO of OPEX Group, said: “Our business is built on data and the actionable, profitable insights that can be gained from that data. We need to be able to bring information to life in a clear, immediately understandable way, which is why visualization technology was so important when we were designing our new headquarters.”“Our customers are some of the world’s largest oil & gas producers and energy companies,” Sarah continued, “and they are making good use of our new set up for closer collaboration. This is testament to how well Barco UniSee and the supporting technology around it has been received by both our employees and customers.”


Digital transformation

Suchit Rout, Segment Marketing Director at Barco said: “The oil & gas sector is undergoing a major digital transformation at the moment. The giants of this sector are waking up to the huge benefits that data can bring to their businesses and want to invest more and more in data analytics through companies like OPEX Group.Suchit added: “For OPEX to stay ahead, they not only need to be able to draw insights from the data, they need to be able to present and collaborate in a compelling way. We were pleased that they chose our flagship visualization technology to do this and have been thrilled by the reaction this had from their staff and customers.”

"We need to be able to bring information to life in a clear way which is why visualization technology was so important."

Sarah Christie

CFO of OPEX Group

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