25 févr. 2013

Barco LED backdrop lights up annual CCTV Chinese Lunar New Year Gala again

TRAITEMENT DES IMAGES - LED 2 min de lecture

Barco, global market leader in visualization and display solutions, was once again selected as lead visualization system provider for China Central Television’s (CCTV) annual Chinese Lunar New Year Gala, which ended 9 February last. Barco’s LED backdrop and image processing system were used to provide the gala with mind-blowing visual effects. The premium image quality and the reliable and stable operation of Barco’s products helped ensure a smooth presentation. According to CCTV’s research, over 750 million people watched the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration on TV.

Advanced visual technologies

In order to create the best possible visual show for the audience, a wide range of cutting-edge technologies were used. The main screen in the gala hall, for example, had to process multiple signals of HD and 3D video stream. As such, high levels of  reducibility, stability and time delay of the backdrop were required. 

The main screen, measuring 292 m², consisted of 1,460 sets of Barco’s 6mm ILite 6BK LED units with high-density pixilation and luminance. They were stitched together through Barco’s unique LED structure and video processing technology, thus ensuring accurate color rendition, luminance and color consistency. Five units of Barco’s Encore VP took care of the image processing: four of them were used for image control and one for signal pre-monitoring, thus ensuring four-way high-bandwidth HD (1920X1080) signal synchronization. 

“We used a similar display system to last year’s but, this time, more advanced video technologies were adopted,” commented Mr. Chen Yan, General Stage Designer for the 2013 CCTV Chinese Lunar New Year Gala. “With the joint efforts of excellent domestic and overseas technology providers, we managed to to give the audience a wonderful gala.” 

Over 10-years’ reliable performance 

Barco has been cooperating with CCTV’s Chinese Lunar New Year Gala for over ten years now. Barco’s LED screen has been adopted for the Chinese Lunar New Year Gala over the past few years due to its premium image quality and outstanding stability. 

This project, involving CCTV and other industry-leading video technology companies, was realized by prime contractor Beijing Kingsmark Audiovisual Equipment Co., Ltd.. In recent years, Barco has been working for CCTV Chinese Lunar New Year Gala based on a cooperation with rental partners, which enables CCTV to benefit from their substantial experience with large-scale stage performances, thus helping CCTV to save on equipment costs. 

Mr. Karl Reynders, Barco's Vice-President Sales & Marketing for Greater China commented: “Congratulations on a successful conclusion to the 2013 CCTV Chinese Lunar New Year Gala. It was our honor to be chosen as the main visual equipment provider once again. In recent years, with the rapid development of the Chinese broadcasting industry, we see that more new technologies are now engaged in China. Barco aims to build a long-term relationship with local leading industry partners. In the future, we'll remain committed to the innovation and promotion of new visualization technologies, in an effort to provide more diversified and reliable visualization solutions for the industry.”