6 mars 2013

Hospitals Get Smart with Latest Interactive Patient Care Solutions

SANTÉ 1 min de lecture

With the demand for healthcare services increasing dramatically in the coming years coupled with a global shortage, healthcare delivery organizations are challenged to do more with less. One potential solution is the advent of Interactive Patient Care solutions, providing a secure, convenient portal for clinical information, entertainment and communications capabilities right at the patient bedside. In this month’s rAVe Pubs, Warren Kressinger-Dunn, VP Strategic Marketing for Barco Point of Care discusses how these bedside smart terminals are changing the way hospitals, caregivers and patients are optimizing the road to recovery.

Today’s IPC solutions are designed to increase clinician productivity and enhance the patient experience. For clinicians, having a patient’s up-to-date medical history and current medications at their fingertips is the key to safely and effectively delivering optimum care while reducing the administrative burden. 

Patients benefit from a user-friendly tool which helps them learn about their care plan, stay in touch with family and friends, and engage in entertaining activities to enrich their stay. Well-informed patients typically experience better recoveries and fewer re-admissions, and can express their satisfaction through online surveys which can actually help boost a hospital’s reimbursements from healthcare insurers.

Read the full article in rAVe Pubs to learn more about how today’s Interactive Patient Care solutions are paving a new path to quality care.