18 avr. 2013

New-style VTM news features Barco

1 min de lecture

Exactly two months ago today, Flemish broadcaster VTM kicked off its new-style news bulletin. The revamped news studio features a striking 8.4-meter, curved backdrop that is powered by seven Barco RLM-W8 projectors. It is the third time that VTM chose Barco for its news studio video wall.


The set-up at the VTM studios was a joint effort of several players. Paradigm, DNP Denmark, BDA Design UK, Gédéon, Anna Valley Displays and Play AV all cooperated with Barco to get the project ready in time. The result is an eye-catching and easy-to-use set that has given the VTM news a totally different élan. Guy Hannaert, senior project and support engineer at VTM on the role of Barco’s RLM-W8 projectors: “They are silent, produce little heat and ensure flawless image quality.”