24 mai 2013

Sound & Communications profiles the net-centric control room trend

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When the image of a vehicle-pedestrian accident appeared on-screen as it was happening – enabling first responders to deploy even before the 911 call came in – the Polk County Sheriff's Office knew they’d make a smart investment in a Barco "collaboration" wall. In its April issue, Sound & Communications features a story by Barco's Peter Bussens, who discusses the trend in networked visualization for today's control rooms.

In the article, Peter Bussens, Barco's Director of Segment Marketing-Advanced Visualization Systems, explores the growing emphasis on improving situational awareness in Emergency Communications centers and other mission-critical operations with solutions that enhance collaboration, in and beyond the control room.  

“Today’s control rooms are inundated with huge amounts and types of data, thanks to increasingly sophisticated, yet affordable systems which provide operators with more – and more detailed – information to manage their operations. However, successful incident handling lies in effectively utilizing this data to make smarter, faster decisions – and the key to smoothing operations and improving outcomes is collaboration.”

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