24 juil. 2013

Auro 11.1 by Barco, the world’s most naturals sounding 3D Audio format, featured in first China movie ‘Mr. Go’, results in stunning, immersive moviegoers’ experience

2 min de lecture

Global Digital Cinema technology leader Barco proudly announced that the Auro 11.1 3D audio system was used for the screening of ‘Mr. Go’, a 3D film premiered in China on July 18. Mr. Go is a co-produced movie by Huayi Brothers Media, one of largest private entertainment groups in China, and SHOWBOX, a multi-integrated Korean motion picture studio, and becomes the China’s first film that adopts Auro11.1 by Barco to deliver an immersive, 3D sound experience to moviegoers.

Auro11.1 by Barco has expanded into the world’s main film markets including North America, Europe, India and the Asian-Pacific region, becoming a leading force for immersive sound in the global digital cinema industry. 
Immersive sound effects strengthen 3D moviegoing experience

Mr. Go was jointly invested by Chinese Huayi Brothers Media (Huayi Bros.) and South Korean Showbox Mediaplex Co., Inc. Its leading role Mr. Go is the first completely graphics-based virtual character in Asian film history. It threw up many challenges during the production process. 

Mr. Wang Zhonglei, President of Huayi Brothers Media, states: “Over 300 staff spent 4 years on creating this character. Its screen effect is more vivid than its counterparts in Hollywood’s blockbusters. To optimize the immersive effect and deliver a lifelike and compelling moviegoing experience for audience, we decided to choose 3D sound for this film after talks with our technology partner.”

Auro 11.1 uses a 3D sound reproduction speaker layout, based on three axes (width/depth/height), to produce a stunning naturally immersive sound experience. Ambient sounds are truly coming from all around and above, providing moviegoers with the most true-to-life reproduction of sound. Supported by this advanced 3D audio format, Mr. Go is expected to be the most popular film in China this year, with good box office numbers in the summer movie season.

Mr. Chen Xuxiang, General Manager of CFG-Barco comments: “Auro 11.1 provides moviegoers with a unique and striking experience, helping cinemas create distinct advantages to cope with market competition. Following this partnership with Huayi Bros, Auro 11.1 will be used for sound production of the next few films planned by the company. Meanwhile, Barco has forged close partnerships for Auro 11.1 with top film producers in Hollywood, Europe, India and Asia-Pacific region. We hope this advanced 3D sound technology will help attract more moviegoers with its astounding features, thus driving the continued growth of the global film industry.”