18 oct. 2013

Regal Entertainment Group to install Auro 11.1 in 20 additional cinemas

1 min de lecture

Regal will soon deliver an unsurpassed audio experience to moviegoers in New York and Los Angeles markets, thanks to Auro 11.1 by Barco. The company will deploy Auro 11.1 in 20 Regal Cinemas, in many cases, pairing it with Barco’s Enhanced 4K DLP Cinema® projectors to create the RPX: Regal Premium Experience.

“Auro 11.1 by Barco offers Regal distinct advantages,” comments Rob Del Moro, Chief Purchasing Officer for Regal Entertainment Group. “It’s highly compatible with our existing audio configuration. The unique speaker ‘height’ layer produces the most natural sound, and literally immerses the audience with audio of unsurpassed quality, at any listening level. Plus Auro 11.1 also adheres to an ‘open-standard’ of content creation, which ultimately translates into fewer restrictions and more choices for both filmmakers and exhibitors.”

Regal’s nationwide rollout of Auro 11.1 is already underway, with plans to complete the deployment in time for the Summer 2014 blockbuster movie season.