6 juin 2014

UK welcomes its first purpose-built, 4K post-production facility

1 min de lecture

22 April was D-Day for London-based ONSIGHT: on that day, the award-winning facilities company moved from its home of almost 20 years in Soho, London, to a stunning, new facility in the heart of the capital near Leicester Square. This state-of-the-art post-production facility features both 3D and 4K projection suites. Centered around a new Barco DP 4K projector, supplied by Sound Associates, the 4K projection room is the first of its kind to house this model in a UK post facility.


Committed to the latest technology
ONSIGHT delivers unique end-to-end solutions for film and television, from digital cameras and equipment rental through to full post-production. With 25 years’ experience, the team is committed to investing in the latest technologies and techniques to create stunning results. As a European leader in stereoscopic 3D, ONSIGHT had been working in the 4K format for a number of years on award-winning projects for television and the big screen. The relocation to the new building was the perfect timing to install a purpose-built 4K facility.

Leverage 4K activities
“We are really excited about this development. ONSIGHT has always had the reputation of being a pioneer within its industry - our new facility takes this to a different level,” says Simon Craddock, CEO of ONSIGHT. “In fact, we have a great deal of 4K experience from shoot all the way to post. It’s a workflow we are very familiar with by having the expertise in both our post and camera divisions. We are confident that Barco’s 4K projector will duly support us in further leveraging these activities.”

Walking With Dinosaurs
One of the first 4K projects to be delivered in the new building is Walking With Dinosaurs for BBC Earth, involving the company’s digital remastering service for Giant Screen. This version is inspired by the groundbreaking BBC series and will introduce dinosaurs that are more real than ever before, while dropping moviegoers in the middle of a thrilling prehistoric adventure.