5 févr. 2015

Why Darth Vader never chose a lampsaber


Selecting the optimal light source is serious business. Take Darth Vader for example: have you ever wondered why he chose laser rather than conventional lamp technology for his lightsaber? Then read this topic, and discover the many advantages of laser lighting. Because let's be honest: what was true 'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away', will probably still apply for your meeting room!

Long lifetime
Fighting the Light Side of the Force can be very time consuming. Jedi Knights are tough to destroy (and even tougher to convince to join the Dark Side). You don't want your lightsaber to fail in the middle of a campaign. That's why you need a lightsource that lasts longer, and laser is an excellent choice for that!

Good color performance
Can you imagine Darth Vader with a pink saber? I hope you can't! Color performance is crucial: you want your reds to be as deep as possible. The same applies for other Jedi Knights as well by the way, so any color should perform optimally. Here, it's safe to trust the color performance of laser technology!

360 degree installation
Lightsabers are designed to be used in any direction. It would be nonsensical to have a saber that only functions when held upright. Laser technology can be used in any direction: horizontally and vertically. Or in landscape and portrait mode...

Constant light output
A sputtering light saber? Unacceptable! The light output should be rocksteady to start a fight. Laser technology is renowned for its constant light output, and is therefore brilliantly suited!

Lower noise level
We all know what a lightsaber sounds like. You don't want any noise source to disturb that beautiful humming sound. Well, this is not a typical advantage of laser, but Barco's laser technology actually performs astonishingly well in noise tests. They are the most silent laser-phosphor projectors, and even outperform lamp models!

Lightsabers or projectors: more of the same...
So are you convinced of the advantages of lasers? Have you seen any advantages you would also like for your business projectors or collaboration wall? Then discover Barco's brand-new laser-phosphor projectors and systems at our ISE booth: Hall 11, at locations H75 and F78. We cannot guarantee Darth Vader's presence, but you will not be disappointed if you are looking for science fiction!