13 mai 2015

PRG Inspiration Days, featuring our E2 image processor


How can our E2 image processor help the events industry easily handle a huge amount of inputs/outputs at high resolutions to create ultra-bright killer content? Event technology expert PRG explained all about the power of our 4K screen management system last week, during its ‘PRG Inspiration Days’.

Raising the bar for live screen management

A leading, global supplier of event technology, PRG has been committed to product innovation from its earliest years. During this year’s Inspiration Days in Brussels, PRG Belgium was proud to introduce the event market to the latest innovations in the fields of video, networking, control systems, media servers, rigging, luminaires, etc. Our revolutionary E2 image processor played a starring role.

Supporting native 4K input and output, the E2 image processor really is the first and only system on the market that can manage a 4K projector blend with refresh rates up to 60 Hz. Furthermore, the system is capable of controlling up to 32 4K projectors. It provides impressive pixel processing power, great expandability and durability and offers full show control from a single box. “Its modularity, ease of use and build quality along with the future-proof, 4K native switching capability are all reasons why people love the E2 system,” Peter Leenen, sales manager Corporate and Entertainment for Barco explained during his visit to the event. The over 350 professionals who attended the PRG demos were indeed all equally impressed …