13 oct. 2015

Need more space? 2TB disks now available for Barco Alchemy projectors

PROJECTEUR 1 min de lecture

Good news! We’ve doubled the capacity of our Barco Alchemy server. Next to the 1TB disks you can now choose for 2TB disks when you purchase a Barco Alchemy projector. This means you can now typically store more than 10 feature films.

High-quality disks

Our 2TB disks not only offer more storage capacity, they’re also professional grade and are specifically designed for cinema applications:

  • The anti-vibration measures better protect the disks during shipping and usage 
  • Thanks to the media management you can now get more useful data on a disk and lose less to overhead 
  • Ingest and playback of data goes much faster 
  • As there’s more buffer space, the disks can manage reading and writing simultaneously 
  • The disks are extremely reliable as the specified MTBF (mean time between failures) is 1.4 million hours
  • The plug-and-play disks are pre-formatted, validated, and initialized from the factory, reducing your installation time with 30 minutes up to an hour