25 août 2016

FAQ about installing a laser cinema projector: which laser safety instructions do I need to take into account?

2 min de lecture

In this blog series we’re discussing the impact of installing a laser cinema projector. In our first post we answered the question How to get the projector into my booth?

This time  we will discuss the laser safety instructions you need to take into account when installing a laser cinema projector in your booth.

Safety rules

The light coming out of the lens of a laser projector is closer to that of a lamp projector than to that of laser scanners where most people associate them with. But given the higher brightness levels and their inherent laser source, government authorities have put a set of safety rules that require some attention during the installation in place.


On the one hand, the practical impact comes from the required labelling on the equipment and its environment. This is the same as in any other professional application where employees work around equipment that contains laser. 

Safety area

The safety area in front of the projector lens can also be affected as precautions need to be taken so that nobody (employee or visitor) can directly look into the projector lens from a close distance. This so-called restriction zone is defined by a hazard distance, separation height, and separation width.

Depending on the projector brightness, lens properties and theater layout; the impact can extend beyond the porthole window. But these extreme cases are limited to the brightest setups. For the majority of laser installations the laser safety regulations have no impact beyond the projection booth. 
Barco has calculators available to quantify these numbers for your specific setup