10 mai 2017

Alvo Medical customer event: highlighting how healthcare planning is all about integration

2 min de lecture

Did you ever attend a conference that involved a shared journey between one country and another? Operating solutions provider Alvo Medical invited a number of leading healthcare planners and architects, surgeons, technical hospital staff and equipment providers to a unique, ‘cross-border’ hospital build event from 21 to 23 April. Traveling from Smigiel, Poland, to Kortrijk, Belgium and back, the event included a conference, guided tours of leading R&D centers and a webinar led by a renowned author to highlight how hospital healthcare planning is all about integration.

The future of healthcare
For years, Alvo Medical has been organizing ‘Hospital Build & Modernization’ – a platform for investors, planners, architects and hospital CEOs to learn about and discuss key issues regarding the future of healthcare. Last year, Barco set up a dedicated workshop and hosted a speaking slot at the conference. This year, we were delighted to welcome ALVO and its conference delegates at Barco’s One Campus in Kortrijk. After half a day of workshops and presentations at ‘Hospital Build & Modernization’, the team boarded a plane heading for Belgium, where they spent Day Two of the event.

Blurring the lines of architecture

The first stop was Duffel, home of Reynaers Aluminium, a leading European provider of architectural aluminum solutions. Reynaers heavily invests in R&D and innovative concepts to ensure the best quality solutions and help architects blur the lines of traditional architecture. The visiting team was treated to a first: a tour of Reynaers’ brand-new, top-notch Experience Center. Featuring a 3D Barco cave for testing and prototyping, the Center is to officially open later this year.

Change management in hospitals

In Kortrijk, the visitors returned to their field of healthcare as they toured Barco’s One Campus facility. After a presentation on healthcare facility design, followed a webinar with Ray Immelman, author of the renowned business book ‘Great boss, dead boss’. In his ‘remote’ keynote, Mr. Immelman explained his insights on change management: while technology can help to foster integration in the OR, how can you bring all people together to deliver excellent healthcare outcomes? The session brought forth some very interesting insights and key takeaways.

Integration as the key to better outcomes
The highlight of the two-day event: healthcare planning is all about integration – in the hospital design, in the technical infrastructure and in the teams. As an OR provider, Alvo Medical integrates Barco’s Nexxis OR Management solution and may other technologies into its Alvo Integra OR system. They’re confident that seamless integration can help enable better surgical outcomes.