21 sept. 2017

Washington TMC drives smoother roadways with Barco visual collaboration

1 min de lecture

When the Washington State Department of Transportation's original traffic management center (WSDOT) outgrew its original location, leaders seized the opportunity to build a state-of-the-art command center featuring all of the latest visualization solutions. Barco TransForm N streaming video processor and CMS collaboration software were chosen to drive a 3x4 configuration of 55-inch monitors - the centerpiece of the giant overview wall.

Barco’s TransForm N platform and the advanced Control Room Management Suite (CMS) software enable easy display wall management, efficient collaboration and fast decision-making inside and beyond the command center. Operators can collaborate more freely – viewing, managing and sharing data on freeway incidents, accidents and maintenance projects on their individual workstations or pushed on to the large overview video wall.

“With Barco’s CMS and TransForm N, we can use the center video wall as a giant TV monitor, or create custom perspectives by dragging and dropping images from multiple sources. This gives us the flexibility to handle any situation,” comments Michael Forbis, ITS Program Manager for WSDOT.

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