4 oct. 2017

Barco talks on projection resolution at the 2017 Display Summit in Virginia

1 min de lecture

The 2017 Display summit (4-5 October in Virginia), organized by Insight Media and hosted by Rockwell Collins, is an event that explores new developments and trends in projection and body-worn immersive display solutions in training, simulation, visualization and virtual reality applications for commercial, military and professional markets. As a leader in projection, Barco will take a center role at the event. Svein Arne Hansen, one of our Design Experts, was asked to deliver a keynote speech.

Svein Arne will address the ongoing discussion on the differences of native 4K and 4K UHD resolution achieved through pixel shifting technique in projection, focusing on the recent DLP solutions now in the market, and the effect it has on the very definition of resolution. Should it be defined by the native elements on the imagers, or by the ability to deliver light points on the screen? Another hot topic will be a talk about the trade-offs between increasing resolution and increasing frame rate.

Meet up with Svein Arne at 4:05 PM for his keynote speech, and for the following panel discussion. If you attend Display Summit, make sure not to miss him!