24 oct. 2017

Discover the unseen – Revolutionizing the LCD video wall experience

ENTREPRISE - MURS D'IMAGES - ISE 1 min de lecture

Today, we take a giant leap in LCD video wall history by launching Barco UniSee. Completely rethinking and optimizing every aspect of video walls, Barco UniSee introduces a single uniform view while ensuring faster installation, easier servicing, and higher reliability. This makes it the perfect LCD video wall for a multitude of applications – including control rooms, corporate lobbies, experience centers, brand showrooms and meeting rooms.

Revolutionary… You probably have heard it all before. Every manufacturer who is proud of his new product calls it revolutionary. However, Barco UniSee is different. We have not just taken the previous product and made it a little bit better. We have taken a step back, evaluated the issues with the current generation of LCD video walls, and completely reinvented the concept. The result is a totally new viewing experience.

The bezel that prevented you to spread your content over the complete video wall? It’s gone. Only a small inactive area remains that is slightly visible from normal viewing distance. The issues when servicing the middle panels of large walls? Nothing to worry about anymore. The – equally revolutionary – new mounting structure not only allows easier installation and automatic alignment, but also introduces a fresh approach to servicing. And what about the lack of uniformity in color and brightness, both inside one panel and over the complete wall? This issue is solved as well – giving a quite spectacular result, may we add.

Are you curious what it’s all about? Then discover all about Barco UniSee here