17 déc. 2018

VIDEO: Dual Eye Point technology allows tracking 2 people's 3D-glasses

PROJECTEUR 1 min de lecture

Barco introduces a cool new technology on its UDX projector range. Dual Eye Point allows to track the 3D-glasses of 2 people, showing each of them the perfect image with respect to their position when using a powerwall or cave display. This is a very interesting technique in virtual reality applications, because now 2 people can perfectly assess a virtual model at the same time.

How does it work?

A single Barco UDX projector shows images of 4K resolution at 120 Hz. The cool thing is that this can actually be divided into 2 WQXGA images of 120 Hz. Using active shutter glasses, these two images can thus be completely separated. In other words, 2 people can see totally different images (in fact, one can watch a comedy movie and the other a horror movie on the same screen, with a single projector). 

Taking this technology to a VR context, it solves the problem of many collaborating teams. Because normally only one team member's 3D-glasses are tracked, only one person sees the optimal image with respect to his or her physical position. Dual Eye Point technology allows to track 2 3D-glasses, enabling to show optimal images to 2 people at the same time. In this way they can collaborate more optimally. Alternatively, 2 completely different teams can use the same setup to evaluate their respective projects. The possibilities are virtually limitless.