17 juin 2019

Five reasons to choose Barco image processing for your ProAV installation

TRAITEMENT DES IMAGES 2 min de lecture

Sports arenas, houses of worship, corporate auditoriums, hotel lobbies, and television studios – they all want to inform, impress and inspire their audience with exceptional visual experiences. To support that development, AV professionals need high-performance, reliable display technology that is future-proof and evolves with the industry standards. Excelling in low latency image quality, high input and output density, expandability and durability, Barco’s image processors manage all your requirements while creating moments that last.

According to Robbie Bruce, Product Management Director for Emerging Technologies in ProAV & Events, “integrators have realized that the Barco screen management solutions such as E2 and S3-4K are their only choice if the customer requires ultra-low latency or uncompromising video quality.”

Here are five reasons why Barco image processing should be the choice for your ProAV installation.

1. One video presentation platform for all your screens

LED video walls, LCD displays or widescreen projection - manage all your screens with confidence thanks to the flexible workflow options of the Barco screen management platform. What’s more, you can effortlessly distribute your image coming from any source and present onto any size screen with pixel-perfect alignment. From large cube screens in the hockey stadium to downstage monitors supporting your yearly company presentation, the range of Barco screen processors always have your back.

2. Engage audiences with unmatched performance

Barco’s state-of-the-art image processing technology is renowned for its impressive pixel processing power, exceptional image quality and ultra-low processing latency. Thanks to our high-performance video scaling, you can upscale an HD video source to 4K or beyond without compromising on video quality. And with access to over 68 billion possible colors you can display your brand most accurately.

3. Built-to-order design to fit any project

Versatility and flexibility are at the core of our systems. The flexible card architecture of the Barco processors allows you to swap or add video processing cards, and makes your system scalable to support larger canvases or growing resolutions. Due to its modular nature, your inputs, outputs, and additional linking can all be customized to manage all kinds of projects – from simple to complex – with absolute ease. So you always have the right box for your installation!

4. The possibilities are endless

And while we’re on the topic of flexibility, the composition choices of the Barco video processors are unlimited. The flexible keying options enable you to deliver your message the way you intended to. Fill your canvas with different sources, or overlay graphics, brand logos and text on a 4K background, and always count on smooth seamless transitions from one layout to the next. The Barco screen management systems are your processing backbone to create the perfect viewing experience.

5. Ruggedized engineering for ultimate reliability

Feel confident with our reliable screen management systems which run flawlessly 24/7. They also provide full situational awareness as all inputs and outputs can be monitored from multiple customized Multiviewers. In addition, the road-worthy design is built to last and the portfolio provides all advanced features and future upgradeability you need. Simply swap or add a card as new signal interfaces become available. Call on our Barco processing platform for the best results, now and into the future.


Learn more about the cutting-edge capabilities of our screen management portfolio in the video below.