12 août 2019

How to improve meetings with touch displays and ClickShare

CLICKSHARE 2 min de lecture

With wireless collaboration solutions you share content swiftly and intuitively on the meeting room screen. To help you keep control and raise the level of meeting engagement an advanced set of interactivity features is often at your fingertips. These additional functionalities encourage the natural flow of ideas, help to capture additional thoughts of the content shared. With touchback support ClickShare adds energy to meetings and leads the way to more innovative methods of collaboration.

ClickShare devices are compatible with a series of touch screen panels, which creates opportunities for the use of other interactivity features like blackboarding or annotation. For now three ClickShare models are compatible with touch panels; the CSE-200, CSE-200+ and CSE-800. This means that touch sensitive panels, when connected via HDMI or USB to the ClickShare Base Unit, offer the touchback functionality.

What is the touchback functionality?

Touchback support on your wireless collaboration solution allows you to control any application on your laptop via the touch screen in the room, instead of using a computer mouse or clickers.  You can control data with your finger or with a specified stylus. Stay in control of your presentation, and don’t let technical limitations interrupt the flow of your meeting anymore.

No need to go back to your laptop or use unreliable clickers to move to the next slide. Simply tap the screen to switch slides. And with a few touches on the screen, you can also open other presentations, share mails or start a video. With one tap on a touch screen, you can also select the blackboarding or annotation functionality. The combination of a touch display and a wireless collaboration tool drives the productivity and engagement in your meeting room.

What are the unique features of touch-enabled displays?
  • Easy and fast access to content and applications via the meeting room screen
  • Direct interaction between user and content
  • Intuitive experience
  • Makes multitasking in meetings possible
  • Assistive technology
Why use touch displays in your meetings?
  • It gives you the opportunity to present more freely within the meeting space
  • You can start to ideate on content real-time
  • Collaborate more interactive and creatively.
  • Get higher engagement from the participants
  • Technical limitations of the room are not hindering the flow of the presentation or meeting.
  • It boosts spontaneous collaboration, giving people the opportunity to use the specific extras like easy access to online content, cloud drives or photos, zoom, annotate, blackboarding…
Can I have touchback support with my current ClickShare units?

These ClickShare units are compatible with touch screen panels:

  • CSE-200
  • CSE-200+
  • CSE-800


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