2 oct. 2019

LED Talks: Secure your data

LED - TRAITEMENT DES IMAGES 2 min de lecture

Over the course of this series, we have already been talking about color consistency, image quality and reliability. But recently, we’ve also noticed an increased concern in the market regarding data protection. So, in this post, we’re introducing the final topic of our ‘LED Talks’-series: security.

LED displays are used in various data-critical applications: government monitoring centers, military command posts, internal company presentations… If you’re looking for a wall to set up in a similar environment, think cautiously about the risks of a data leak and dare to challenge the trustworthiness of the proposed solution.

Security shortlist
  • Encryption

Instead of using the standard transfer protocol, our InfinipixTM processors work with a proprietary protocol to encrypt the sensitive data which is then communicated to and decoded by the receivers in the LED tiles to be further analyzed or visualized on the wall.

  • Production

The InfinipixTM software is always developed inhouse. No one else, not even our hardware manufacturing partners, has access to the software code that’s behind the data communication of our LED processing.

  • Smart user management

The InfinipixTM NM100 web interface allows for smart user management and offers the possibility to set-up multiple profiles with different access rights. This doesn’t only facilitate easy maintenance, but it eliminates the risks of data leaks by unauthorized parties by securing all entry points into the system. 

  • Compliancy

At Barco we’re serious about privacy and data protection. The InfinipixTM Manager allows for remote analysis of your data logs by our helpdesk. You can be 100% sure that this information is always handled in a compliant way.


LED by example: Dubai Civil Defence

The Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) recently opened a high-tech control room at its headquarters with Barco LED video wall solution

The Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) recently opened a high-tech control room at its headquarters, which is linked to real-time fire and safety information at airports, ports and commercial buildings. To ensure that Dubai is the safest, smartest and happiest city in the world, the emergency response organization can’t afford any downtime. Barco’s LED solutions help the operators perform their vital tasks in the best possible conditions while also protecting the crucial information from falling into the wrong hands.


With this series, we’ve attempted to summarize different aspects worth considering and takeaways to keep in the back of your mind when choosing your next LED wall. If you think about it, you could compare having a good processor in your LED set-up to having a best friend. It understands your needs and supports your creativity. It helps you and your content to look picture-perfect, always on point. It doesn’t spill your secrets to the world, and last but not least, it always has your back, through good and bad times!