20 févr. 2020

Always a clear view of your expanding healthcare enterprise

SANTÉ 2 min de lecture

Nowadays, ‘quality’ and ‘compliance’ are keywords in any medical context. While laws and regulations increase in number and become stricter, hospitals also need to keep up with crucial digital changes that are steering healthcare forward. In a technological world that evolves at a high speed, security, reliability and privacy must go hand in hand with efficiency, reporting and cost reduction. On top of that, healthcare organizations across the globe are expanding and often merge into bigger consortia, changes which bring along numerous challenges.

21st century rollercoaster

In 2017, a study executed by the MarkeTech Group resulted in 95% of IT respondents admitting to find the complexity of changing quality and compliance guidelines difficult to manage. Today, more workstations need to be regulated, among which also home reading stations and remote facilities.

85% believe it is difficult to keep up with changing regulatory and reporting requirements. Reporting needs are stricter and security is also a growing concern, even though a bigger budget to address these challenges is often not available. Find out more about the study in our infographic.

Always a clear view

How to tackle these issues? It goes without saying that excellent patient care in changing times hinges on qualitative and reliable healthcare infrastructure that is flexible and can easily adapt to changing scopes and scales of healthcare organizations.

Hospital enterprises that comprise of different departments, campuses or locations can benefit greatly from a centralized overview of all the displays that are connected to their system.

Following these trends in healthcare and built upon experiences with our MediCal QAWeb solution, Barco recently released QAWeb Enterprise, a fully automated system that easily connects and manages quality and compliance of all PACS display systems in any growing healthcare organization.


QAWeb Enterprise is a cyber-secure, state-of-the-art online platform that can easily be deployed and requires no local server, making it a perfect fit for anybody: from the home office or small radiology practices to the largest hospitals with multi-network IT infrastructures. Here’s a sneak peek of some of its features:

  • Powerful tools to manage diagnostic workstations from anywhere, at anytime
  • Customizable policies to meet your quality requirements
  • Effortless compliance and smart reporting
  • Assured security and data privacy

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