24 mars 2020

ClickShare Conference makes remote meeting and conferencing a safe experience

CLICKSHARE - BYOM 2 min de lecture

The new ClickShare Conference range of wireless conferencing systems allows you to link up with remote colleagues with the minimum of fuss. But does this improved experience also come with improved security? You bet.

‘No cables, no fuss’ has always been the mantra of ClickShare. But with the new ClickShare Conference range, we take this idea up a notch. Barco ClickShare is designed to work seamlessly with your existing video conferencing system and audio-visual peripherals – microphones, soundbars and cameras – without the hassle of physically connecting them using cables and adapters.

Improved experience, improved security

“ClickShare Conference has been developed on the same high security standards as the classic ClickShare range,” says Gauthier Renard (Product Manager ClickShare Conference).

“However, adding extra channels into the mix, such as external microphones and webcams, means that more critical data needs to be encrypted, which requires more processing power. At the same time, we wanted to provide the same smooth user experience that people expect from a ClickShare product. All of these requirements were factored in from the start of our product development cycle.”

How does ClickShare Conference ensure safe collaboration?
  • ISO 27001 certification: ClickShare Conference has been developed by committing to the same safe processes and international security standards as in the classic ClickShare product development process.
  • Applying security learnings: ClickShare Conference builds upon everything we learned and developed for the classic ClickShare range. Also, all recent and relevant cyber security developments have been applied to the new conference range.
  • Third-party tests: We involved third-party security experts early in the development process. We asked them to test and challenge us, so we could make our products even more robust against future cyber threats.
How can you meet and collaborate safely with ClickShare Conference?

As a ClickShare user, security is in your hands as well. Here are a few tips for keeping it safe during a remote meeting:

  • Are you sharing critical information? Then think twice about who needs to see what. Be aware about what you share.
  • Think about all the software you use to make your remote meeting happen: video conferencing, calendar systems, file sharing... Are they secure?
  • What hardware peripherals (webcam, audio) are you using? Not all devices take security as seriously as ClickShare does, so make an informed buying decision.
  • Work together with your IT department. They can help you choose the safest meeting room technology.

Finally, the best way to stay safe is to always install the latest patches and security updates for your software solutions. For the smoothest and safest ClickShare experience, we strongly recommend updating your ClickShare units to the latest ClickShare firmware.