18 mai 2020

Keep track: Barco Insights

SERVICE 2 min de lecture

Back in February, at ISE 2020, we first talked about our new cloud-based subscription platform Barco Insights. Efficiency, reliability and flexibility at the core of remote projector management, that was our promise. Further roll-out of the Barco Insights packages and new features will become gradually available throughout 2020. But the first stage, Barco Insights ‘Monitor’, is already standard available on our UDM projectors today. Discover the three ways how it can change your projector management forever.

    • Cloud-based storage of projector’s usage data and light source runtimes
    Do you want to know how many hours your projector has been switched on, or how long its light source has been running? The Barco Insights platform saves two weeks of runtime data. It allows you to keep an eye on your projector’s lifetime. And when you’re managing an entire fleet of rental devices, the automated cloud-based storage of such information will cut down manual administration between different projects.

    • Real-time information on environmental conditions
    The Barco projectors have sensors which detect the current ambient temperature and ambient humidity. These factors have a strong effect on the overall performance of the projector and on the device’s aging progress. The Barco Insights dashboard gives live information on operating and environmental conditions. It also includes a two-week history graph displaying all changes in temperature and humidity while the projector was switched on and connected to the cloud.
    Learn more in our new blog post about the benefits of IoT for ProAV.
    • Set the flex brightness value in the cloud
    Barco’s UDM and UDX offer the unique Flex² solution. The integrated feature allows you to tune and lock the projector’s brightness and resolution for a specific project. Rental companies can cover a wider range of shows with fewer projectors in their fleet, and other ProAV installations benefit from the increased versatility this feature brings to their investment. The Barco Insights platform now gives you the ability to configure the Flex² brightness value in the cloud at any time and wherever you are.
Extra advantages

The free Barco Insights Monitor license even has some more additional features to offer. You can take custom notes on a specific projector, e.g. mentions of damages or additional runtime information, and save it in the cloud to facilitate the QA process. So no more error-prone e-mails with serial numbers, or post-its on flight cases. And the online platform gives a central view of what firmware your projector fleet is on, enabling quick insights into which device is up-to-date and which ones still need to be upgraded.

To make these functionalities available on your projector, registration and activation is required first. You can find more details here.

Update: In March 2021 Barco launched its rebranded service framework. To further simplify the service offering, we chose to introduce a common framework for all of our connected platforms, under the umbrella of the Barco Management Suites. And so, Barco Insights is now Barco Projector Management Suite.