15 juil. 2020

Remote meeting netiquette: how to behave when you meet online

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If you are an office worker, then you may have had your share of remote meetings from your home office over the past few weeks and months. Maybe you have been annoyed by the recurring meeting faux pas of your colleagues? Then this is the time to put an end to all this remote meeting irritation. Next time you get the willies of inappropriate meeting behavior, present your remote besties with the following online meeting netiquette guidelines.

Meeting online seems just like a regular meeting. And yet, it’s not. Because you are not in a physical space with other people, you usually cannot pick up expressions and body language as well as in real life. Remote meetings easily give way to misunderstandings and messages that can be interpreted differently than you intended them to be. That is why it is important to think about the way we come across online, and about what and how we communicate.

Use the following netiquette rules of thumb, and you can’t go wrong in your next video conference.

1. Come to the meeting prepared

Just like in a physical meeting, make sure you come prepared. Joining a videoconference is already stressful enough for some of your colleagues. So, no need to add to the stress by wasting other people’s time. Be sure you know why you are in the meeting. If applicable, make sure you have seen the meeting materials in advance. And if you are the meeting organizer, make sure your technology and meeting set-up will run smoothly.

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2. Dress for success

To dress appropriately is a form of respect towards your colleagues and your organization. Nobody needs to see you in your pajamas. So, put on a clean shirt and comb your hair. Show your coworkers the best version of yourself. After the meeting, you can slip into your joggers again.

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3. Make your room meeting-ready

How will people see you in your surroundings at home? Everyone will forgive an unplanned family moment – your toddler or pet running in the background – but try to avoid distracting background activities as much as possible. Try to find a sweet spot in your home where it can be quiet for about an hour.

4. Start with small talk

A little bit of basic human friendliness goes a long way. Greet everyone who is in your meeting, unless there are more than 20 attendees of course. A warm welcome and a bit of small talk at the start of the meeting will make everyone feel more comfortable.

5. Don’t multitask

We were not a fan of multitasking anyway, but during an online meeting, this is a big no-no. Checking your email, finishing up that spreadsheet, or eating that crunchy rice cracker… leave all that for after the meeting. Multitasking prevents you from being present in the meeting and it’s disrespectful to your meeting attendees.

6. Don’t dose off

On the other end of the spectrum: don’t dose off. When it’s not your turn to speak, it’s tempting to start daydreaming or contemplating your weekend plans. You might even want to leave your seat and grab a quick cup of tea. Don’t! Try to remain present, and catch up on sleep after the meeting, if you need to.

7. Mic check

Be sure you are in control of your audio. Speak up when it’s your turn and mute your microphone when it’s appropriate. Also, turn off all audio notifications from your phone or PC that could disturb the call.

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8. Let others shine

Remain respectful towards your meeting attendees. Introduce everyone at the start of the meeting and give participants a chance to contribute without being interrupted. Try to stimulate the more introverted attendees to join the discussion, by asking questions or doing a quick poll.

9. Make it safe

Cyber security is no laughing matter. A new wave of cyberattacks is targeting video conferencing applications. Therefore, make it safe for everyone who joins the call. Be sure to use meeting hardware and videoconferencing apps that have security built in.

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Oh, behave!

In sum, the etiquette of online meetings is not that different from a regular meeting. It’s all about being respectful towards your remote attendees. And whenever you are in doubt about which rule to follow: just think of the basic rules of life, follow your common sense and be a good human being.