12 oct. 2020

Vyopta and Barco Overture AV monitoring

4 min de lecture

Expand monitoring in the hybrid workplace beyond AV devices, integrating meeting and collaboration data into one pane of glass


Vyopta is a cloud-first company transforming how enterprises work by making UC&C easier to manage.

Providing a single system that monitors your entire UC&C environment, Vyopta generates operational and business insights to improve the user experience, grow adoption and get the most out of your technology investments.

CPM Monitoring specializes in managing performance across enterprise UC deployments by giving access to performance metrics for all audio and video call.

Vyopta CPM Monitoring


Barco logoOverture RMM delivers a multi-location dashboard view to enable remote AV personnel to monitor the state of all their meeting spaces and AV devices in real time. Alarms with detailed logs allow technicians to quickly act on faulty devices and keep the meetings in perfectly functional state without physical interventions. Overture Insight Analytics gives access to historical trends and analysis to help decision makers to better understand usage to optimize their investment and to detect systematic issues and plan maintenance.

The next natural step for Overture RMM is to include visibility over the collaboration experience and the enterprise audio and video calls.

Overture RMM solution

General concept

Technology is essential for successful meetings, so a lot of time and money is spent to keep the devices running when needed. This includes displays, projectors, audio and collaboration systems, but also the ever-increasing virtual audio/video communication performances. Constantly monitoring both the basic functioning and the quality of these systems is becoming a crucial part of system integrators’ jobs.

Combining the functionality and strengths of Barco’s Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) system Overture with Vyopta CPM’s Unified Communication & Collaboration (UC&C) monitoring environment, allows to go beyond the physical devices connections status but to tap into calls and virtual meeting records and quality. Having all information available at hand, on a single pane of glass, makes sure there is no more blind spot.

The UCC data from Vyopta CPM is integrated into the Overture RMM dashboard, allowing to visualize equipment parameters and communication quality details inside the same environment. In this way you benefit from a 360° visibility on meeting activities, across all geographical locations.

Overture allows you to build your own widgets to view UCC performance and quality per room and per location. Because the dashboard layout can be adapted very easily, displaying exactly the information the user requires, all relevant information is visible in the blink of an eye.


The integration of Overture and Vyopta CPM, entails a great number of benefits for customers and partners. Having a complete overview of the complete set of devices and equipment used in the meeting room ensures that:

  • Customers and managed service providers (MSPs) get single access to an AV/UC monitoring solution, can combine alarms on both UC and room issues, and get combined reports (AV/UC/room usage). 
  • Additionally, MSPs get the ability to have certain control over roadmaps and to minimize the time to service, can address a broader set of customer applications, have the possibility for bundle subscription and a competitive advantage during RFPs.
  • Additionally, also partners can address a broader set of customer applications, can bundle subscriptions and get a competitive advantage over other offers

About the Barco Strategic Alliances program

Great products need great focus. That is why Barco allies with other top players in their fields of expertise to build the best solutions available. By combining complementary strengths, we can optimize the integration of the systems and offer one single systemto the customer. This simplifies deployment, optimizes efficiency, minimizes reaction time, and reduces costs in a variety of selected professional markets. This creates a win/win situation for all parties involved, our customers in the first place.