29 oct. 2020

Embracing the hybrid workplace

RÉUNIONS HYBRIDES 1 min de lecture

For many of us, the office has always been the center of our working lives. But something is changing. More office workers today are spending part of their time in the office and part working from home. Many of the disruptive workplace trends underway like digitization and automation technologies were only accelerated by the pandemic.

It’s clear we’ve moved into a hybrid workplace where the effect of technology on employee engagement and experience will be immense. Decision-makers are trying to find a new balance and prepare the workplace with technology for hybrid work. 

70% of companies will be ready to support a mixed work model in the next 3 to 12 months

The office but not as we know it

Hybrid working will change the way we meet, collaborate, engage and impress our workforce, and inspire and communicate to crowds. So, high time to rethink the physical office and check where investments are needed.

Let’s rethink...

  • How we meet and collaborate
    How will we make sure that our hybrid workforce – in-house and home office workers – can meet, present and collaborate in the most effective way in our meeting and boardrooms?
  • How we engage and impress visitors
    How can we win the hearts and minds of our visitors and employees walking through the corporate lobby?
  • How we inspire and communicate with audiences
    How can we communicate to our in-house and remote workforce in the most engaging way in multi-purpose auditoriums? How can we inspire and make an impact on a global audience?
  • How we convince customers and close deals
    How can we effectively educate customers, wow them with our products and close deals in a convincing way in experience and demo centers?

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