14 déc. 2020

Looking back at the year that shaped the control room

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2020 has taught us many things and one of those was the importance of control rooms. Control rooms often became the central intelligence hubs for hospitals, emergency services, crowd control and many other critical operations. We are glad that Barco could contribute by providing appropriate technology to these control rooms that helped governments dealing with pandemic. The widespread increased usage of control rooms also stressed the importance of reliability, bringing both 24/7 and long-term support into the picture. This requires a solid solutions provider with an established worldwide partner network that has been (for almost 30 years) and will be fully committed to this industry in the future.

Data has become a key asset to tackle the worldwide pandemic facilitating fast decisions. This uncovered a big need for decision-critical professional data management and the right tools to support these operations. Within control rooms, there are both hardware systems and advanced software that support the data management. Barco offers many of these cornerstone elements, including our innovative operator workspace solution OpSpace, our renowned distributed content management platform TransForm N, and of course our industry-leading 24/7 large video wall installations that initially brought us into the control rooms business.

A technology for every need

Barco is one of the few manufacturers that offer the 3 main video wall technologies: LCD, direct view LED and rear-projection cubes (RPCs). We are continuously developing and innovating to couple the best visual experience with optimal reliability and support. But why exactly will we continue to offer 3 completely different technologies?

The main reason is that we always want to offer the solution that fully satisfies the customer’s operational requirements. The expectations from choice of display technology are unique and tailored to specific use cases. Some requirements are so specific that they cannot be answered in full by another technology. That is why our customer-focused mindset obliges us to continue supporting every relevant technology until it serves a market need. In this post, we already elaborated on some of the key aspects involved with choosing the right technology.

Reliable, upgradable and long-term maintainable
RGB laser video wall

In 1991, Barco entered the control rooms market by offering rear-projection cubes, and this technology still fills a central role. It is the reliable, upgradable and long-term maintainable visualization technology within control rooms, and still for many the preferred way to go. Today, we offer both LED and state-of-the-art laser RPC solutions. During the summer Barco introduced next generation laser-powered RPC video walls, which received the Barco ECO-label for its excellent sustainability score also guaranteeing long term maintenance support.

Because we own and control the design, manufacturing and servicing of these visual solutions, we can guarantee more than 10 years of serviceability, which makes us a trusted partner in the industry and proves our continued dedication to this technology.

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