1 juil. 2020

ClickShare Conference gets top approval ratings from global businesses

CLICKSHARE 3 min de lecture

Global businesses, reliant on technology to bring their people together, have praised the simplicity of ClickShare Conference, the world’s first truly platform-agnostic solution to wireless conferencing.  

“Platform is the number one decision users tend to make before investing in VC / UC technology but, as 62% of organisations use 3 or more different platforms, ClickShare Conference takes a lot of these concerns away. It is a real Bring Your Own Meeting solution that will provide users the comfort, as people return to the office, of using their own device to drive the meeting.”
- Simon Kitson, General Manager Maverick Europe

Automotive company Daimler AG discovered that the solution empowered its staff to embrace the ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ (BYOM) trend. Using the tool, employees were able to connect to a virtual meeting using their own personal devices, such as laptops or mobile phones.


“For us, ClickShare Conference is a consistent further development and addition to the previous ClickShare solutions. The topic of BYOM, as well as the standardisation and simplification of meeting room installations, is becoming increasingly important to us, and the ClickShare Conference series came on the market at just the right time. The possibility to use the meeting room technology, with the communication solutions available on your own computer, is a great added value. In addition, the central management and updates of the components in the meeting room are becoming more and more of a focus for us.”
- Gerald Schleicher, Daimler’s Solution Architect Team Smart Workspaces


As the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe, conferencing tools provided the vital link between business leaders, employees and customers as the world learned to adjust to remote working. Now as the lockdown begins to ease, organisations are consolidating the lessons learned and many will be asking whether a hybrid structure of remote and in-office working could be the new ‘normal’. If so, conferencing solutions, such as ClickShare Conference, will deliver the flexibility to enable more staff to work from home whilst maintaining an engaging and collaborative connection with their co-workers.

Stefan Gruenewald, Service Manager at Vaillant Group, one of Europe’s technology leaders in the fields of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, praised its ability to connect a global workforce.


“Our workforce is located around the world with large numbers of staff often working remotely. Our people need to be able to communicate to customers and partners efficiently without any compatibility issues. It is key for us to offer a solution that gives them the confidence to host a conference call, where our clients and customers can easily use presentations or even join efficiently a third-party conference. For us, an intuitive and simple solution is the number one priority.”
- Stefan Gruenewald, Service Manager at Vaillant Group
“Arup needs a flexible solution that allows our people to connect from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. We have staff working out of 92 offices in 35 countries, so we are reliant on the best technologies to bring our workforce together. A glitch-free experience is key as working while on the move is a large part of what we do. The reaction has been very positive as people value the flexibility of being able to use any conference solutions without the need to call in additional technical assistance.”
- Roy Salfarlie, Head of AV Services at Arup,
a multinational professional services firm for architetural design and engineering


So, as the world enters a new phase as it attempts to recover from the pandemic, businesses will now be looking to embrace technologies that enable workforces to connect away from the office. ClickShare Conference is already leading the way in achieving this.

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