5 janv. 2021

Five ways in which the Nio Fusion 12MP makes your (remote) reading office satisfying and versatile


Nio Fusion 12MP in use, Asian female radiologist

For radiologists looking for quality, versatility and simplicity, we have expanded our Nio series with a brand-new diagnostic display, designed specially to make your reading environment more flexible. Please find below five ways it does exactly that!

1. All-in-one display

You can use the Nio Fusion 12MP display as your go-to workstation for any type of image: it supports PACS and breast imaging, even tomosynthesis, all in one display. Enter the new year by saying ‘yes’ to an orderly desk.

2. Details, details, details

“You see, but you do not observe,” Sherlock Holmes tells Dr. Watson in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s A Scandal in Bohemia. Of course, first we must see. Get into more details with sharp and precise image quality, especially when you place multiple images next to each other. With Uniform Luminance Technology included, you can be sure of constant luminance in all regions of the Nio Fusion 12MP’s screen. So seeing and observing go hand in hand.

Nio Fusion 12MP in use

3. Correctness

Just as important as detail and luminance, are the colors and grays in which images appear on a display, which need to be consistent and compliant. Every Nio Fusion 12MP display is DICOM compliant, and additional technologies such as SteadyColorTM, SteadyGrayTM and IGuardTM ensure continuously linear and compliant colors and grayscales. Integrated QAWeb Enterprise software enables automated QA and calibration, and compliance with the latest regional and international regulations for image quality.

4. Intuitive Workflow Tools

Nowadays, a diagnostic display needs to do more than just showing radiology or mammography images. It needs to be the radiologist’s companion, aiding them in their flow so they can work through their cases fluently and without distraction.

Make your reading room more comfortable with the SoftGlow wall and task lights. Magnify and highlight that area you want to take a closer look at with SpotView Mag. Or go ahead and use the KVM button; you can switch the display from one workstation to another in no time.

5. Elegance and balance

The Nio Fusion 12MP is a 30” display that is surprisingly light and thin. Its design is ergonomically driven, reducing your head, hand, and eye movements to a minimum. It offers you a large image surface, yet doesn’t take up too much of your desk space.