4 févr. 2021

Collaboration that clicks thanks to Nureva and ClickShare Conference


2020 fundamentally changed how we collaborate and meet. After spending months at home, we’ve gotten used to meetings that start quickly and easily, using our own laptops and tools. Now that a return to the office is getting closer, no one wants to settle for an in-office remote meeting that’s more complicated.

That’s why Nureva audio solutions and ClickShare Conference partner up to make hybrid meeting as easy as possible – so office workers can get down to the work that matters most. Spontaneous meetings aren’t held up by delays logging in. The meeting experience is completely wireless and easy. And remote team members can always hear every word.

Barco ClickShare Conference makes it easy for people to host meetings from personal devices, creating a highly flexible, wireless “bring your own meeting” experience that takes less than 7 seconds to get started. It’s a perfect match for Nureva’s easy, adaptable audio approach, which uses patented technology to provide full-room audio coverage without the need for an expensive, complicated setup. And now that the HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems are Barco-certified, IT managers can be confident that each of these meetings will have clear and consistent audio, avoiding IT tickets and troubleshooting hassles.

At Barco ClickShare, we highly value the certified partnership and guaranteed compatibility with Nureva, and together, we promise to bring customers better hybrid meetings and easy-to-install integrations that truly click,” said David Fitzgerald, vice president, Global Alliances at Barco. “Our simple, one-click wireless conferencing solution perfectly connects with the advanced audio solutions of Nureva, offering a complete experience for a flexible meeting for both in-room and remote attendees.
Creating the flexibility we need

If uncertain times have you looking for products that are adaptable and easy to manage, Barco and Nureva have you covered. Barco offers a triple agnostic experience, meaning that it wirelessly connects a person’s device with the room’s USB peripherals, using your preferred conferencing platform. With ClickShare, there are never any barriers to getting a meeting underway.

Thanks to Microphone Mist™ technology, Nureva audio fills rooms with thousands of virtual microphones so there’s always one nearby. So even a quick meeting started by plugging the ClickShare Conference Button into a laptop and clicking it to start your meeting can still have the high-quality audio we’ve all come to expect. And because Nureva audio systems can be installed in less than an hour, it’s easy to turn any office space into a fully equipped meeting room. All an IT specialist has to do is connect a Nureva audio system to a ClickShare Base Unit. Then whenever someone in the office starts a meeting by pressing the ClickShare Conferencing Button, Nureva's integrated microphone and speaker bar just works.

Even if you need to rearrange a space for different types of meetings, the Nureva® HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems never need to be adjusted. Continuous autocalibration means that the audio system is always ready – no tinkering required.

Nureva audio conferencing systems and ClickShare Conference are a great match for all mid-size and large BYOD spaces. Everything and everyone simply connects.

This certification with Barco ClickShare Conference reflects a growing ecosystem that leverages our standard plug-and-play connectivity for interoperability with all third-party UC&C clients, CODEC solutions and device-sharing plugins,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “We are excited to team up with Barco to deliver a user-friendly and reliable BYOM conferencing experience in virtually any hybrid meeting or learning space.


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