15 mars 2021

5 reasons to add ClickShare to your Microsoft Teams Room


Maybe your offices are equipped with fixed conference room solutions like a Microsoft Teams, Webex or Zoom room. Or maybe you are looking to install a fixed solution in the near future. At any rate, there is an easy way to enhance your video conference experience in these meeting rooms with ClickShare. You can step up and bring videocall collaboration in your enterprise to the next level.

1. What is an UC room like a Microsoft Teams Room?

UC rooms or rooms with a fixed room system offer a complete meeting experience bringing high-quality video, audio and usually offer a way to share screen content with other meeting participants. 

What do you need in the fixed conference room?

• AV peripherals of your choice: camera, mics, speakers or an all-in-one device

• A touchscreen console to start and run hybrid meetings

• Meeting room display(s) (maximum 2)

• A single HDMI output for content sharing

• Software licenses per room

The rooms are best used for video calls with the UC platform they are configured for.  So Teams calls in a Microsoft Teams Room or Zoom calls in a Zoom Room. 

However, this setup also has some limitations for end-users, especially when they want to start meetings or share content from their own devices.   

2. What is the difference between a Microsoft Teams Room and ClickShare? 

Microsoft Teams Rooms are room-based systems that dedicate a meeting room for a single UC &C platform , whereas ClickShare puts the user at the heart of the experience. With the Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) concept, ClickShare turns every space into a wireless BYOM room. Users can work with the devices, video conferencing platforms and AV setups they prefer. BYOM rooms with ClickShare can offer both wireless content sharing and wireless conferencing. 

By removing the cable, starting a meeting  becomes flawless, simple and straightforward. You walk in and only need one click on the ClickShare Button or in the ClickShare App  to start within seconds. Adding a wireless connection to the room setup makes the user experience stress-free for all, even guests. Any meeting scenario is easy with ClickShare: ad hoc meeting, hybrid meeting or content sharing in a face-to-face meeting.  

3. What are the benefits of adding ClickShare to your UC room? 


1. Make the meeting experience unified in any meeting scenario 

Meeting spaces need to accommodate different scenarios, different users, different technologies, but they should all bring that same, simple and wireless experience. No matter the setup, no matter the technology in the room. In any ad hoc, face-to-face or hybrid meeting, anyone should be able to share content in one and the same way.

For face-to-face meetings in UC rooms with ClickShare, users don’t need to join the videocall to be able to share a video or slide or use a cable to get content on screen. There’s no need to install drivers before starting, no audio interferences and no bandwidth problems.

2. Content sharing in a Microsoft Teams Room can be simple and wireless

3. Anyone can share, employees or guests

ClickShare offers a welcoming vibe for all meeting participants. Not only is the experience more equitable for remote users thanks to ConferenceView with both people and content in full view on screen , the UC room also becomes truly inclusive for in-room guests as well. They can easily join the meeting and share content on the meeting room display and in the call, just as easily as employees. 

4. Enjoy native interoperability

With ClickShare you have the possibility to turn a UC room into a flexible room that offers BYOM mode in addition. Thanks to the automatic switching between modes, you can now enjoy full interoperability in the room. 

With the default mode, in the fixed room setup, users can start the scheduled videocall with the installed video conferencing platform on the room console, just as the room was intended for. In addition, they can use the room in BYOM mode as well and start a video meeting with any other video conferencing platform from their own laptop.  Switching between the two options is easy. When closing the call, the room device will automatically switch back to the default fixed room mode.

5. It’s helping you save costs 

Conference rooms can be costly, as the installment of the equipment is high and there are additional monthly license costs. Recurring technical issues with this type of equipment are the main reason for users to stop using certain meeting rooms. People don’t want to lose time with starting and running meetings. They simply want the setup to work.    

And these service tickets to fix issues simply take too much of your precious time. If you want a better ROI and higher adoption rates in your meeting rooms, you need a solution that is easy-to-use, easy-to-manage and a good investment in the long run.  

Flexible solutions like ClickShare can be standardized across all room types. So adding ClickShare to your MTRs can make sure the rooms are used more often. Boosting room systems with ClickShare will actually help you to free up budget. 

In short, with the right approach, it is possible to create a seamless user experience that meets both your needs and the needs of all attendees, whether they are on-site or remote. So it’s simple. As the most cost-effective, futureproof solution for any meeting room setup, ClickShare the best investment you can make!