21 sept. 2021

Illuminating the breast health journey… during Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


“Why do I have to get a breast screening?” “Is it breast cancer or something else?” “Why do I have to do so many tests?” “Why don’t they know yet what it is?” Breast screening can be an extremely hectic journey that starts with a lot of uncertainty.

When something suspicious is found in your breast, doctors often need some time and tests before they can point their finger at what it exactly is. They can only decide on the treatment you need (if you need any) when they know what’s going on.

So that means that a journey that starts with ‘it might be breast cancer’ could turn out to be something completely else – or vice versa. With that often comes a rollercoaster of appointments and emotions.

Introducing ‘Illuminating the breast health journey’

With our ebook ‘Illuminating the breast health journey’, we want to inform and support during those early stages of not-knowing. We want to inform about the tests that many women and men need to go through, and at the same time support them through the uncertainty that can come with those.

Because behind the scenes, a lot of medical professionals are bending over every case, discussing and putting their joint knowledge and experience at your service. It’s important to know that an early and accurate diagnosis can give you an important head start that directly impacts treatment – of breast cancer, or anything else in your breast.

Every month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Even when there’s nothing out of the ordinary, it’s important to get checked regularly by your doctor. Breast cancer is found most often through screenings, before it can be seen or felt. And that’s why breast care is important every month. The earlier it’s found, the more can be done.

Searching for the right diagnosis always starts in the dark. Every test being done gives more clarity – until the sun rises and the diagnosis is clear. From that point on, it’s possible to lay out tactics on how to proceed.