5 avr. 2021

Everything you need to know on screen mirroring and ClickShare


The choice to share content with ClickShare and ClickShare Conference in any meeting room using software or hardware is entirely up to you!

On Windows PC and Mac, choose between the iconic ClickShare Button or the Desktop App, you can even combine the two in one and the same meeting! ClickShare shares the content from your laptop on screen via its own ClickShare mirroring protocols.

It completely matches your digital workplace strategy. Touch or touchless, Button or App. It’s your way of working, your decision.

When sharing from Android and iOS mobile devices (for BYOD / Bring Your Own Device), you have the option. You can work with the ClickShare Mobile App or to use third party screen mirroring protocols. Let’s dive into how you can use can one of the native screen mirroring protocols like Google Cast, AirPlay or Miracast for screen sharing in your ClickShare meetings.

What is screen mirroring?

Screen mirroring is a technique allowing to mirror your mobile device or laptop onto a large screen. Wireless on screen, so no cables like HDMI, VGA or adapters are needed. Watch your documents, photos, videos and mobile applications on a big screen and immediately involve your colleagues in an interactive meeting.

At home, people often use this easy-to-use cast screen solution to get content from mobile devices or laptop to TV (cast screen TV). A wide range of presentation tools is available in which, a sender can share content to a receiver over a wireless communication protocol. The most wide-used and well-known protocols for home use are Google Cast, AirPlay and Miracast. In professional environments, IT managers prefer to use and roll-out highly secure and easy-to-use proprietary protocols like ClickShare.

  • ClickShare

ClickShare is a simple and easy proprietary mirroring protocol developed by Barco. It's ideal for enterprises that want to roll out seamless wireless conferencing and presentation solutions in any type of professional meeting room, small or large.

ClickShare shares the apps and content from any device – from laptop, Windows or Mac, to mobile devices – securely and wirelessly on the room display. Audio and video in perfect sync. That results in better hybrid meetings with higher productivity and engagement for all meeting participants. One-click content sharing can be done via a hardware device. Just connect your laptop to the ClickShare Button or use the ClickShare Desktop or Mobile App. No cables, no HDMI cable or HDMI ports, no connectors, no settings to be managed, no mess.

  • Google Cast

Google Cast or Chromecast is a communication protocol developed by Google which is natively supported on Android devices, phones and tablets (as well as in the Chrome browser).

You can simply connect your personal device to the same network of the ClickShare unit or directly connect to the Base Unit Wi-Fi. Then you press the Google Cast icon in your Google Home App of choice and select the ClickShare Base Unit to start sharing your content.

  • Airplay

AirPlay allows full mirroring from Apple iOS devices or MacOS devices: compatible devices are iPhone, iPad and MacBooks. The Apple proprietary protocol offers a great content sharing solution within the Apple ecosystem.

Just like with Google Cast, either connect your device to the same network as the ClickShare unit or directly connect to the Base Unit Wi-Fi. Click the AirPlay Screen mirroring icon in the quick menu, select the ClickShare unit and start sharing.

  • Miracast

Unlike Apple’s AirPlay and Google’s Chromecast (on the Chromecast and Android TV devices), the  Miracast Protocol is designed to be a cross-platform standard.

The Miracast receiver creates its own wireless network, and the sender connects directly (peer-to-peer or P2P) to it without compromising your personal Wi-Fi connection. This means that your PC or tablet can still be online through its Wi-Fi connection while streaming over Miracast. A limitation of the P2P connection is that only one Miracast device can be shown on screen at a time.

On your Windows pc, simply press the Windows key & “K” and select the ClickShare unit from the list to start your sharing session.


What are the unique features of the screen mirroring?

  • Intuitive, simple experience in all meeting rooms
  • No software installation needed
  • Guest-friendly wireless display collaboration platform
  • Fast on screen


Why would you use screen mirroring with ClickShare?

  • Freedom to choose how you want to share wirelessly content: cast to display from any device, from any operating system.
  • Enhance the BYOD and BYOM strategy of your company. Use any device in any meeting room for wireless presentation.
  • Boost spontaneous collaboration. Give give people the opportunity to take full advantage of the benefits of mobile devices. Get easy access to online content, cloud drives or photos, share camera view, take a screenshot to share…
  • Opportunity to fully mirror your screen onto the meeting room’s AV equipment for professional presentation.

Using the ClickShare Button, App and native screen mirroring together. No need to choose!

You can use the iconic ClickShare Button, the ClickShare Mobile and Desktop App or screen mirroring via Google Cast, AirPlay or Miracast with the ClickShare wireless presentation system. The freedom and combination allow you to get on screen instantly with whichever device you have.

Need some video assistance?

Check out our “how to videos” on screen mirroring with ClickShare.