7 juin 2022

Hybrid classrooms for a hybrid future: the complete guide

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Hybrid classroom technology will help you transform your global organization for success in the hybrid workplace as versatile, highly-engaging, human-centered solutions. But what are they exactly and what do you need to build one? For what initiatives can you use them? What are their benefits?

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Devising a successful hybrid work model is a challenge for most organizations. Meeting the often-divergent demands of employees and higher management or redesigning office spaces for hybrid collaboration, training and engagement are not easy tasks. Attracting talent, training and retaining current workers during The Great Resignation while ensuring employees feel included and enjoy an equal voice regardless of location, are common issues.  

How can you overcome these challenges? New, tech-enabled but efficient and human-centered tools must be adopted to support your hybrid policies and to ensure successful training, engagement and onboarding of employees.  

Hybrid classrooms can be part of your hybrid work strategy as multi-purpose, highly engaging, human-centered platforms.  

What are hybrid classrooms?

Hybrid classrooms are purpose-built solutions reuniting onsite and remote participants in the same live session, in a unified, engaging, human-centered, and equitable experience.

They are versatile solutions that can be used to train your organization´s workforce, onboard employees, and organize high-impact all-hands meetings or internal events.

The benefits of having a hybrid classroom in the global organization
  • Support the perfect hybrid work environment 
  • Prevent a brain drain in your organization 
  • Unlock the power of data to get the best results 
  • Train successfully and flexibly in the age of continuous learning 
  • Interactive and collaborative learning experiences
  • Offer the best of the online and offline worlds 
What elements make up a hybrid classroom?

Hybrid classrooms are made possible by integrating: 

  • powerful software like Barco weConnect
  • AV equipment such as cameras, screens, speakers and microphones 
  • into a physical classroom that is correctly set up.
How does a hybrid classroom look like?  
What else do you need to know about hybrid classrooms?
  • the main elements of a successful hybrid classroom deployment
  • the must-haves in terms of room setup as well as audio and video equipment 
  • how to integrate software and hardware into the hybrid classroom of your dreams
  • practical tips and tricks for running successful sessions from industry experts
  • key lessons from organizations already using hybrid classrooms 

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