25 janv. 2023

Enjoy the benefits of digital signage and smart meeting flows with the new ClickShare software update


This ClickShare software update brings several enhancements to the ClickShare Present and Conference ranges.

Please note that this is a minimal version. Downgrading to previous firmware versions is not possible once this release is installed. What’s new?


What’s new?

  • Inform, inspire, and impress your workforce with digital signage
  • Enjoy stress-free meetings with smart meeting flows in the ClickShare App
  • Configure the Wi-Fi signal strength of the Base Unit access point

Take a deeper dive into the new features

1. Digital signage integration to make optimal use of meeting room space

When not used for conferencing or presenting, your meeting room display can double up as a digital signage platform and a corporate branding tool to impress, inspire and inform your workforce and meeting room guests. Read more

  • You can unleash the digital signage capabilities of the ClickShare alliance partners Signagelive, Seenspire and Korbyt on any ClickShare Present or Conference device.
  • Use the XMS Cloud Management Platform to configure the digital signage provider of your choice on each device.
  • Connect a digital signage player via the HDMI-in port of the CX-50 to replace the screen saver with dynamic content.
2. Enjoy simple, stress-free meetings with smart meeting flows

The redesign of the ClickShare App introduces a highly intuitive user experience.

Smart meeting flows powered by the ClickShare Desktop App are intent-based, automated workflows that make any meeting stress-free. The smart meeting flows guide you through the meeting and help you meet in a simple, fast and efficient way.

  • Mirror your screen, share an application window, or use the meeting room display as an extended desktop with Advanced Sharing. (Extended desktop is available in the new UI as Beta feature.)
  • Kick off your meeting with HostFlow that automatically guides you as a host or participant.
  • Keep remote participants on screen while sharing your presentation with ConferenceView.
3. Advanced Wi-Fi setup

Firmware 2.14.1 enables you to configure the Wi-Fi signal of your ClickShare Base Unit in order to avoid interference with other Wi-Fi signals from nearby meeting rooms.


4. XMS: location-based roles and permissions

In XMS Cloud, IT managers can now assign rights and permissions to their administrators, based on their location. This makes it easier for large organizations to manage the ClickShare fleet on specific sites.

5. Introduction of the CX-50 2nd generation: caring about people and planet

We proudly present the ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd generation, the premium wireless conferencing system that will change your video meeting experience. The newest model gives every meeting participant an equal seat at the table and brings more flexibility to the IT manager with the following features: 

  • Dual screen shows people and content side by side on two room displays 
  • Effortless switching between Unified Communications mode and Bring Your Own Meeting experience 
  • Wired roomdock for 4K content sharing and alternative connectivity 
  • Ecodesign with high energy efficiency, recycled materials & packaging 
How to get this update on your units?

The ClickShare platform consists of different components: Base Units, Buttons, Apps and the XMS cloud management platform. Enjoying the best experience requires each of these components to run the latest software versions. Updating is easy, seamless and automated.

  • The Base Unit firmware can be installed via the auto-update functionality or it can be manually updated via the ClickShare Configurator. Buttons update automatically over Wi-Fi.
  • For the ClickShare Desktop App, it’s recommended to download and install the latest version manually to ensure the App automatically updates to future releases. Once installed, an auto-update function will keep the App up to date. Do you want to enable wireless conferencing via the App? Be sure to download the MSI installer.
  • The iOS and Android App are updated according to your mobile device settings.
  • The XMS Cloud update runs automatically while XMS Virtual Edge can be updated manually.

Need a hand with the update?

Download the latest version of the app on Let us guide you through the Base Unit software update.