28 févr. 2023

Barco introduces TruePix Northern Lights LED series into residential portfolio

2 min de lecture

With more than two decades of expertise in LED technology, Barco is not new to the LED market. We are now excited to introduce this expertise and knowledge into the residential market.

The Northern Lights LED series is built on Barco's flagship indoor LED platform; TruePix, which sets a new standard for large video walls. We have redesigned every component ensuring an unmatched viewing experience for media rooms and home cinemas. The award-winning solution brings content to life as intended with truly seamless outcomes, by combining smart engineering and Infinipix® Gen2 image processing. Our mission: to envelop film aficionados with an exceptional film experience, that truly honors the Director’s vision. 

Aurora, Valkyrie and Bifrost are new products tailored to the needs of residential applications. The self-regulating wall structure and perfectly aligned LED modules offer an outstanding uniform image with seams less than 0.1 mm. Our pre-packaged solutions come in 16:9 aspect ratio with 4K UHD resolutions. What’s more, Valkyrie and Bifrost also come in spectacular 5K cinemascope aspect ratios to deliver a true Barco cinematic experience.

The Infinipix® Gen2 image processing system delivers an unmatched viewing experience for all types of content. This means low latency, no visual distortions, and no tearing. The Infinipix® image processing also guarantees great color accuracy- supporting both REC 709 and DCI/P3 color space, as well as support for HDR. Thanks to the patented 23-bit processing, the Northern Lights LED series will provide the best image in all light conditions.

“The Northern Lights series brings the true Barco cinematic experience outside of theatre rooms” says Sander Buys, Product Manager LED who now also joins the Barco Residential team to explore the growth potential in these new markets. “We worked on many different improvements to bring the best possible experience for various environments that are subject to higher ambient light conditions. We are really excited to extend these efforts to our residential customers.”

Learn more about what the TruePix Northern Lights LED series offer residential environments here.