3 avr. 2023

ClickShare firmware 2.15 brings more flexibility


The ClickShare quarterly firmware update version 2.15 supports new peripherals and gives IT administrators more flexibility and control over the ClickShare App.

What’s new?

  • Support for additional peripherals
  • IT admins can take more control over the settings in the ClickShare App
  • Improved user experience and increased security

Take a deeper dive into the new features


1. New peripherals added to the ClickShare ecosystem

Barco joins forces with other top players to support the best meeting solutions available. Firmware 2.15 ensures compatibility with two additional cameras and a video bar:

  • Huddly L1 & S1 through Network adapter
  • Biamp Parlé VBC 2500

2. CX-50 2nd generation: availability of the HDMI to USB-C converter

Use a wired connection with HDMI cable to share high-quality content to the meeting room display with our HDMI to USB-C converter. Plug the converter into the front USB-C port of the CX-50 2nd generation and use wired roomdock or wired sharing with an HDMI-cable.

Available for order as of today.

Spoiler alert: an upcoming firmware release is planned to bring automatic switching between a fixed room system setup and BYOM mode, as well as support for ultra-wide screens. If you want to have a sneak peak, check out our demo videos shot at ISE in Barcelona.

3. Managed App deployment

Use the ClickShare Desktop App installation package (MSI) to easily install, configure and update the ClickShare Apps in your organization. The latest release (version 4.28) allows IT managers to have even more control over the behavior of the ClickShare App:

  • Machine-wide installation in "C:\Program Files"
  • Disable auto-updating of the App (default: ON) 
  • Enable Calendar Integration when deploying (default: OFF)
  • Manage the roll-out of the new App experience which includes the larger interface and the Smart Meeting Flows
  • Control whether your users can join the ClickShare App Beta program (default: ON)

Are you eager to learn more about the capabilities of the ClickShare App? Make sure to check out our latest explainer videos:

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Host a call with the App:


Discover ClickShare’s unique Smart Meeting Flows

How to get this update on your units?

The ClickShare platform consists of different components: Base Units, Buttons, Apps and the XMS cloud management platform. Enjoying the best experience requires each of these components to run the latest software versions. Updating is easy, seamless and automated.

  • The Base Unit firmware can be installed via the auto-update functionality or it can be manually updated via the ClickShare Configurator. Buttons update automatically over Wi-Fi.
  • For the ClickShare Desktop App, it’s recommended to download and install the latest version manually to ensure the App automatically updates to future releases. Once installed, an auto-update function will keep the App up to date. Do you want to enable wireless conferencing via the App? Be sure to download the MSI installer. 
  • The iOS and Android App are updated according to your mobile device settings.
  • The XMS Cloud update runs automatically while XMS Virtual Edge can be updated manually.


Need a hand with the update?

Download the latest version of the app on Let us guide you through the Base Unit software update.