23 août 2023

Barco Fredrikstad relocates to a brand-new, innovative and people-driven local headquarters

3 min de lecture

We are truly stoked to announce Barco Fredrikstad relocated to a brand-new local headquarters, showcasing our commitment to the people and the dynamic city of Fredrikstad. With a groovy history of technology expertise and a team of local visioneers with top-notch skills, the move is all about taking Fredrikstad's competence and growth to new heights.

Our new offices are located right at the entrance of the Fredrikstad city center, giving us a breathtaking view of the Seut River, a branch of Norway's longest river, Glomma. Plus, it's designed to be energy-efficient and rock our operations with all the modern bells and whistles, while making sure we meet our sustainability goals.

The HQs are home to our second-largest projection research and development site, making it the biggest R&D hub for our  IX (Immersive Experience) activities. We've designed the building to be a high-tech hotspot for our research, testing, and service operations.

We have streamlined all the engineering disciplines for enhanced collaboration and heightened efficiency, including optics, mechanics, thermal, electronics, software, and test and validation. And guess what? We've decked it out with highly sophisticated equipment, like a state-of-the-art electromagnetic compatibility chamber, climate chamber, shaker, and other ultra-modern testing gear. Our flagship projectors will stay tough as nails, readier than ever to handle any challenge!

We currently have a stellar team of over 60 talented employees at the new Norwegian headquarters but we're always on the lookout for more visioneers to join our crew.

At Barco, we have a culture of collaboration across borders and nationalities. As an international company with European roots, we strive for a healthy work-life balance, continuous growth and an enriching career for everyone. You’ll find with us a great team of dedicated people, passionate about technology, willing to make an impact and driven by inspiring leaders who understand that innovation never stops.