6 nov. 2023

Barco Suzhou welcomes delegation from West Flanders and Zhejiang Province

SANTÉ - ACTUALITÉ 3 min de lecture

On October 18, a delegation from West Flanders, Belgium, and Zhejiang Province, China, visited Barco Healthcare Technology Co. Ltd. in Suzhou, China. The delegation from West Flanders, led by Carl Decaluwé, the governor of the province, included Denis Fraeyman, mayor of the West-Flemish town Pittem, and Stijn Lombaert, provincial executive. They were joined by officials from Zhejiang Province, including Zhengfang Chen, Deputy Director of International Cooperation at the Commission of Health and Population of Zhejiang Province. 

This visit is part of a longstanding partnership between the two regions, encompassing various areas of collaboration since 2000, such as commerce, healthcare, education, research, and the circular economy.

Fostering international collaboration

Carl Decaluwé, governor of West Flanders comments: "The economic cooperation and trade interactions between China and Belgium have reinforced their positions as crucial markets for international trade. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Barco for their warm hospitality, and this visit to Barco Suzhou will enhance the cooperation between West Flanders and Barco. Moving forward, I hope for joint efforts to promote international collaboration."

As a global leader in visualization solutions, Barco has numerous success stories in Zhejiang Province, from providing advanced medical technologies to healthcare organizations, to powering up large-scale sports events and boosting the entertainment economy.

Kenneth Wang

Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Barco China