22 nov. 2023

Find your perfect fit for clinical collaboration, at home, in the hospital, anywhere


We are adding two new displays to our portfolio! Nio and Eonis Color 8MP were built to make virtual collaboration easier than ever – whether you’re working from the hospital, at home, or anywhere else. Discover how they will help you improve your workflow!

Nio Color 8MP for diagnostic radiology

With its outstanding image quality in 8MP resolution on the large 32” screen, Nio Color 8MP empowers you to gain crucial clinical insights for your referred patients.

Nio Color 8MP has an adjustable, ergonomic design and includes our Intuitive Workflow Tools and state-of-the-art technologies:

  • Accurate and consistent representation of grays and colors
  • Stable performance across the display’s full lifetime
  • Screen-wide uniformity correction
  • Optimal viewing in various lighting conditions
  • Sharp and fast image rendering when scrolling through cine images

Beyond the Nio Color 8MP’s exceptional core features, the monitor also offers a built-in camera, speaker, and microphone as well as advanced screensharing options that promote seamless interactions with your peers, both within and beyond the hospital.

Thanks to KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) and daisy chaining, you can easily connect and switch between multiple workstations while keeping your desk free of cable clutter.

Finally, with QAWeb Enterprise radiologists can rely on intervention-free, stable performance of their display, wherever they work. The platform enables PACS managers to centrally manage their organization’s display fleet.

Eonis Color 8MP for reviewing of clinical images

Just like the Nio Color 8MP display, Eonis Color 8MP offers 8 megapixels of screen resolution. This is the highest in our Eonis range and makes the monitor an ideal choice for healthcare professionals seeking second opinions, emergency or trauma assessments, or referrals, which are not primary diagnoses.

Barco Eonis 8MP display in use by a doctor at home

The Eonis 8MP display also offers a built-in camera, speakers and microphone. These features promote effective communication across locations and clinical disciplines, discussing a patient's medical history, electronic medical records and clinical images. They also make Eonis 8MP an excellent tool for teleconsultations with patients.

The Eonis 8MP display also enables remote QA & compliance management through QAWeb Enterprise.