3 juil. 2023

G50: the smart answer is also a green answer!

3 min de lecture

Leading in size and weight, the G50 is an affordable yet powerful single-chip WUXGA projector fit for single and multi-channel projections in museums, corporate events, experience centers, or entry-level simulation applications. And it does all that at the highest energy efficiency! Time to put the green spotlight on our brand-new G50 with a Barco Green Product label.

Long-lasting solutions

The Barco portfolio is known for its durable solutions. The G50 too is built on long-living technologies to ensure the end-of-life optimization of your projectors and serve your needs well into the future at a low TCO.

In addition, the G50 can be managed through the Barco Insights Management Suite, our cloud-based projector management platform which allows for predictive maintenance.

Market-leading energy efficiency

Why waste energy if there’s a green alternative? Thanks to its market-leading energy efficiency of up to 18 Lm/W it is the best price-performance solution out there.

The use of solid-state laser light source with a lifetime of up to 20,000 hours and the implementation of power management functions further makes our G50s unique when it comes to energy efficient products in the 5-8K lumens projection segment.

Material use

We strive to work with suppliers and manufacturers that follow strict environmental procedures, and we pay close attention to the materials used in our products.

The G50 chassis is built with halogen-free plastics only, which decreases the toxicity and increases the recyclability of the projector materials.

Packaging and logistics

Weighing from 11-13kg, the G50s significantly outperform similar projectors on the market in terms of size and weight. That’s a plus for end-users with limited installation space, but the single man lift weight is also beneficial for logistics and transport!

However, it doesn’t stop there. As part of our business philosophy, we will continue our quest in finding new and better ways to improve the environmental footprint of our products, packaging and processes for the better.