7 sept. 2023

Barco UniSee II elevates your vision - again!

4 min de lecture

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If you thought that LCD video walls wouldn't get any better after Barco UniSee, then you're in for a surprise. Barco UniSee II takes the viewing experience to a new level, again. Crisp colors, deep blacks, and very high contrast are the main traits of this newcomer - while the ergonomic aspects are further refined. This makes Barco UniSee II the new standard in professional LCD video walls for applications such as control rooms, boardrooms, corporate lobbies, and experience centers.

The original Barco UniSee was launched in 2017 and created a lot of buzz in the market. The very innovative mounting structure, which automatically aligned the panels using the power of gravity, the bezel-less design creating a more consistent canvas, and enhanced intra-tile uniformity were immediately welcomed. Needless to say we kept these fortes in Barco UniSee II - and we add another major step towards total image perfection.

Strike with more brightness, colors and contrast

Making your content shine like never before: that is the mission of Barco UniSee II. And there is a lot of new technology and innovation in the product that make that happen. The use of quantum dot technology, for example, significantly increases the color gamut of the video wall. This allows to show color-rich content more vividly. In addition, the video wall’s contrast is increased to High Dynamic Range (HDR) levels, by implementing a mini-LED backlight unit which allows more refined and accurate local dimming. The resulting deep blacks, boosted whites and more saturated colors allow to create the intended impact.

Because a video wall consists of multiple displays that need to work together as one, the individual screens need to be perfectly aligned. Mechanically (thanks to the renowned Barco Mount), but also optically. Sense X, which automatically and in real-time matches the brightness and colors, has been extended to also match the contrast. Also the inter-panel communication has been enhanced. Hence, it creates a perfectly balanced single canvas, both for static and dynamic content. 

Enhanced ergonomical performance

Video walls are intended to be viewed no matter what the ambient lighting conditions are, wherever you are in the room, or whatever content is displayed. Barco UniSee II ensures that the content always comes across. Advanced polarizer technology delivers a constant performance, whatever the viewing angle. What’s more, Barco UniSee II’s eye fatigue reduction and reduced radiated heating, provide the comfort control room operators need. The brightness of 800 nit, with the possibility to locally boost up to 1300 nit, makes all visuals shine, no matter what the ambient lighting conditions are.

Saving the planet while cutting costs

Does great performance need to come with great power consumption? No, it does not! The electricity usage of Barco UniSee II is 20% lower compared to the previous generation, thanks to the mini-LEDs, local dimming and Chip-on-Glass technology. Additionally, the uptime is maximized due to the very high reliability of the platform (with redundancy options for critical components). This results in a high Return on Investment (ROI).

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Are you as excited about the launch of Barco UniSee II as we are? Then head over the dedicated landing page to know more!