ILite 3

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À propos de l’ILite 3

With its ultra-high 3mm resolution, the ILite 3 is Barco’s flagship indoor LED display product. The ILite 3 LED display is renowned for its absolute picture integrity, robustness and flexible form factor, giving you the opportunity to use the ILite 3 tiles in any shape (like columns and strips).

Purpose built for the road, Barco’s indoor LED tiles form part of a total rental solution that includes rugged rental mechanics, sturdy flightcases as well as a powerful, user-friendly processor, which allows you to have your LED display installed and calibrated in no time.

With its sleek, elegant design, Barco’s ILite 3 LED display is the ultimate LED display solution for applications that deserve a touch of glamour. From a corporate lobby or VIP entertainment area, to a premier Auto or Electronics trade show or a flagship retail store, Barco’s ILite 3 LED display brings you the "wow"-effect of large-format display technology combined with the image quality until now reserved for smaller format display technologies.

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