Njord has a pleasing calm uniform image, but it also has the power to overcome most ambient lit rooms and is designed for large screens or high ambient light environments.

  • Theater & Media Room Series
  • 4K UHD Resolution (3,840 x 2,160)
  • 3-Chip DLP
  • Up to 12,000 ANSI Lumens

À propos de l’Njord

Njord inherits a lot from the predecessor Wodan but the entire light source and part of the optical engine is completely redesigned and made smaller, more efficient and most importantly optimized for perfect cinematic colors.

Njord was the god of wind, seafarers, coasts and inland waters. He was believed to have the ability to calm waters and quell fires. This is how we see Njord.

Njord has a pleasing calm uniform image, but it also has the power to overcome most ambient lit rooms and is designed for large screens or high ambient light environments; like outdoor entertainment spaces and contemporary glass home designs, all benefit from an unbelievably bright and detailed image with spectacular color fidelity for the most demanding clients.

Single Step Processing SSP™

Pulse is a hardware and software based platform that simplifies the signal allowing it to transmit from source to screen much faster, more efficiently and with less artifacts than ever before. We use an advanced image processing technique to display the image on the screen without any artefacts and with the lowest possible processing lag, this is made possible by our Single Step Processing (SSP™).

State of the art electronics 

All new Pulse electronics have been designed to process 4K with HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 and the optical engine is utilising the very latest 0.9" DMD DLP chipset, delivering 3,840 x 2,160 pixels on screen. Njord also features HDR, motorised lenses and featuring Barco’s unique RealColor processing, Njord enables simple and accurate calibration to any desired white point or greyscale.

Building Blocks

Njord offers 4K UHD resolution for superb image quality. Thanks to its modular design of only five building blocks Njord is easy to service. Njord is the most compact rugged projector that offers 12,500 lumens light output currently available. One of its most striking features is that it is standard equipped with a fully featured-on-demand option for flexible light output between 1,000-12,000 lumens.

Laser Light Source

Outstanding image quality also requires an exceptional light source which is why we have packed Njord with a brand new laser engine. Alongside significantly improved image uniformity (95%) The unit is also equipped with custom selected lasers to secure that we can deliver 100% DCI/P3 color gamut.

Lasers last longer than traditional projector lamps, are not as fragile and offer nearly instant on/off.

  • Ce projecteur est un projecteur DLP à trois puces
  • Résolution 4K UHD
  • Correction géométrique automatique de l’image sur les surfaces convexes
  • Luminosité à la demande
  • Table de correspondance 12 bits
  • Installation aisée
  • Garantie 3 ans

Caractéristiques techniques

Caractéristiques techniques

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